In the increasingly online world, it’s essential everyone has the opportunity to develop good digital literacy skills, irrespective of their learning environment. BCS provides a range of courses that are ideal for delivering at home, giving your learner the skills and confidence they need to use today’s digital devices safely and effectively.

Why choose one of our courses?

  • You can choose the level that’s just right for your learner, whether they have little or no digital skills or some basic understanding
  • You’ll be teaching your learner how to use today’s technology safely, giving them the knowledge and confidence to thrive in the digital age
  • BCS qualifications are recognised and respected in further education and in the workplace, offering your learner future routes for progression

ICDL Essentials

BCS Level 1 Award in IT User Skills (ICDL Essentials) - an excellent introduction to the world of technology. The units cover getting started on a computer, email and the internet, with a particular focus on how they are used safely and productively.

ICDL Core & ICDL Extra

BCS Level 2 Certificates in IT User Skills (ICDL Core & ICDL Extra).

  • ICDL Core improves learners' understanding of computers.
  • ICDL Extra improves learners’ understanding of computer applications.

ICDL Advanced

BCS Level 3 Certificate in IT User Skills (ICDL Advanced) - ICDL Advanced allows learners to develop their existing skills and expertise to support workplace demands.

More about ICDL qualifications

Thinking as a Coder

BCS Level 2 Thinking as a Coder Award - Developed to engage and introduce young people to tech at an earlier stage of education. The qualification includes essential computational thinking and coding skills that support the creation of simple computer programs. 

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BCS Level 1 Robotics Award – Students will gain foundational skills and knowledge in robotics and the confidence in building and programming a robot using widely available robotics kits and visual programming language. 

More about Robotics

Smart Digital

BCS Level 1 Smart Digital Award in e-Safety – Students will cover the main concepts and skills needed to use devices and applications securely, safely, and effectively.

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How much will it cost?

Prices vary depending on which qualification your learner embarks on, find the full list of prices including exam invigilation fees here.

Booking an exam

When your learner’s ready to take their exam, give our Customer Service team a call and they’ll offer you available dates for booking the exam. Exams are held remotely in the third week of every month. The deadline for making a booking is one week prior to the start of the exam week.

Home education cancellation and rescheduling policy

Reasonable adjustments

If your learner requires reasonable adjustments for their exam, please complete the form below and submit it before booking their exam.

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