Jeni Reece

I was supported through my application for ITT and my BCS scholarship application. I trained in the same school my children attend and I’m still there now - and I love it. Everyone is so supportive, no day is the same, and you never quite know what to expect!

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Louise Hayes

I began my PGCE in 2003. There I was, a full-time student for the first time, with two children under four. My move into secondary school teaching drew strong reactions from friends and family, not all of them positive! But I believed at the time, and now I know for sure, I‘d made the right decision.

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George Lowe

I wanted to have a wider impact on the lives of young people and, with some experience as an FA Tutor, I felt I had a good grounding to make a move to teaching. I saw it as the perfect fit for me, where I could help young people develop not only subject knowledge but also personal skills to help them later in life.

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Anjum Zahra

I’ve always been interested in teaching and, after completing my master’s degree, I successfully applied to become a lecturer in computer science at an A level college in Pakistan. I wanted to build on my teaching portfolio with a full-time post in an educational setting where I could encourage and develop young people. 

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Shanthi Swaminathan

I worked as a TA for three years and often felt that I could stand in front of the class myself and take the lessons. I had so many ideas of my own that I wanted to try out with the students. That’s why I applied for teacher training. I’m pleased to say that every provider I applied to offered me a place, which boosted my overall confidence in becoming a teacher.

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Madeeha Kashif

Teaching computer science can be a very rewarding career especially for those who have a passion for the subject already. Teaching had always been my dream career. Now it’s finally coming true and I'm enjoying every minute of it! 

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Suzanne Rowe

My desire to teach started when I was working as a Computing trainer in a local college and I could see a lack of females choosing Computing subjects. I could see just two girls on the computing degree and I knew I needed to inspire other women to take Computing.

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Dave Cormell

It’s really hard at the moment to get suitably qualified people in to schools to teach computing. So that’s my main motivation for getting stuck in myself, taking the plunge in order to prepare the next generation for the digital age of tomorrow.

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Sophie Clark

I was initially drawn to teaching as a career choice because I liked the idea of making a difference to society by encouraging the young minds of the future. Computer Science is often seen as dull, boring and a bit geeky. But within the current age we live in I believe Computer Science is the most important subject for ALL to be learning.

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Julia Taylor

If I had a pound for every time someone asked me why on earth I would be mad enough to quit my secure, well paid job in the NHS IT sector to become a Computer Science Teacher, I would now be a very rich lady indeed!

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Margaret Ononogbu

Growing up, I always acted as a bit of a role model to my siblings and I think it was this that helped shape me into a natural teacher. I was also inspired by my father who was a lecturer at a Polytechnic overseas. So choosing teaching as a second career was for me, an obvious choice.

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