Tell us a bit about yourself?

I completed my Engineering in Computer Science course in India in in 2006, and then worked as a software engineer for a couple of years in a leading software firm. I later moved to the UK with my husband taking a four-year career break due to childcare arrangements. During this time I owned a bakery business making cakes for special occasions.

I’d always thought about teaching, and just hadn't found the right time, but when I started providing primary level tuition at home I realised just how much I loved it. I began applying for jobs as a teaching assistant in Milton Keynes but with no luck as I had no UK qualifications or experience.

This led me to complete my level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools qualification which I did by volunteering at my son's school. I felt I would better suit secondary school teaching so started applying for jobs in secondary schools and got myself a TA role whilst still on the course.

I was working as a TA for three years and would often have the feeling that I could stand in front of the class myself and take the lessons. I had so many ideas of my own that I wanted to try out with the students. That’s why I applied for teacher training. I’m pleased to say that every provider I applied to offered me a place, which boosted my overall confidence in becoming a teacher.

I have been in my trainee teacher role for four months now and have to say it’s the best job I could have ever considered. The school I work in has helped me so much and I love my department. I was the first in my training group to be offered a teaching job at the end of my training, which made me very proud.

What motivated you to make the move into teaching?

On this one particular day, I was in a computing lesson as the TA, stood behind the teacher who was trying to teach binary addition to the students. I could see the students weren’t getting it because the explanation wasn’t very clear and I was so close to stepping forward to explain it myself. I had a clear idea in my head of how it could be explained better so that the students would understand.

At that moment, I seriously questioned why I shouldn’t be a teacher myself and it prompted me to look at the steps I needed to take to make it happen. I realised that, to apply, I would firstly have to have my GCSE English which I persisted in. In fact, I took the exam within three weeks and passed with an A! I applied for teacher training as soon as I got my result and here I am, a budding computing teacher.

How has BCS helped you?

I'm so glad I was offered a BCS scholarship - I love being a BCS member and feel very valued. The support I get from BCS is tremendous. The webinars I’ve attended have helped me so much. The behaviour management webinar was particularly useful; I use the tips that I gained in that webinar every day in my lessons.

My calls with my coach, Nadine, help me to relax as she really understands my situation, concerns, doubts etc. and helps me overcome issues. We share our experiences and I receive so much feedback from Nadine, it’s helping me develop in my career. Thank you BCS for providing me with this opportunity.

What do you love most about teaching?

I love it when I see the students enjoying what they do. Marks and results are not the only things I look for at the end of a lesson. When students enjoy the lesson, they make it more fun and engaging. It’s so rewarding to see them grow and develop and to see, within a short period of just four months, how much I have been able to teach them. I also feel immensely proud when my students see me in the corridor and tell me they’re looking forward to our next lesson and want to know what I have planned.

Tell us about your proudest moment so far?

My proudest moment so far would have to be in relation to my year 8 class. The class is so motivated that every single student strives to get 100% whenever I set homework and they always try their best in class. I chose motivation as the topic for my PGCE assignment and have been experimenting with my classes and wow, students work so well when they’re properly motivated. It will certainly be an area I’ll continue to focus on in my future lessons.

What advice would you give someone thinking about becoming a teacher?

Go for it. Don’t worry when people say, "teaching is hard" or "there’s loads of marking." Yes, we do work hard, we do have lots of marking, but what they don’t always talk about is how incredibly rewarding it is to see the work your students produce.

I feel so happy at the end of every single day, reflecting on what we’ve achieved together. I have wonderful dreams about my students progressing on with flying colours. This is just the start for me, but I’m enjoying it thoroughly and would encourage anyone in the field to consider teaching and support our amazing next generation.