Whether you’re a secondary school teacher already teaching computing, you want to move into the subject, or you’re an aspiring teacher, it’s vital that you have in-depth knowledge and understanding of computer programming.

The Teaching Teachers Tech: Computing with Python is an 8-week subject knowledge enhancement programme, developed by teachers for teachers, and is designed to improve and update your knowledge in python programming to teach at GCSE standard.

Teaching programming is easier than you think

BCS has helped millions of people gain the skills and confidence to use technology in all kinds of work settings.

This flexible python training course can be completed online and in your own time with online access to dedicated tutors who will support you throughout the programme.

The course covers the programming elements in Computer science GCSE and goes further, as well as the programming elements in Computer Science IGCSE.

The course contains four assignments and on completion, you’ll gain a BCS branded certification of completion. Moving forward, you’ll be able to teach computing with Python and deliver a learning experience, as part of a computer science course or stand alone, that provides the best outcomes for your students.

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Why take our Python training course?

Improve / develop your knowledge in the programming language of Python

Learn how to teach and programme python, and enhance your future career

Minimum of 4 hours per week, on-programme assessment throughout

Gain valuable CPD hours

Earn yourself a BCS branded certificate to add to your CV as proof of your programming competence to teach at GCSE Level

Why place your teachers onto this programme?

Boost your school's digital skills capability and reputation, with teachers who have programming know-how

Equip your students with the programming skills needed for their future, with competent and confident teachers

Improve teacher performance and retention of talent

Who is the course for?

This programme is open to everyone looking to boost their knowledge in Python and teach programming to a GCSE standard, including:

  • Teachers
  • Aspiring teachers
  • College lecturers
  • Other professionals

Is there any exemption?

No. If you’re already teaching the subject or have completed other courses, for example a Computer Science Accelerator, this certification is designed to build on that knowledge and provide a deeper understanding of the subject.

Are there entry requirements?

Anyone can take this course whether they have experience or not, and/or qualifications.

What's covered in the course

  • Box variables
  • Concatenation
  • Calculations - Counters and incrementing
  • Calculations - Modulo
  • Selection - If, elif and else statements inc Nested
  • Loops (Non-Deterministic and Counter controlled)
  • Lists and Multi-dimensional lists
  • Loops with lists
  • Nested loops
  • Functions with parameters
  • Bubble sort
  • Linear search

Ready to find out more?

Complete our short registration form to find out more information on Teaching Teachers Tech: Computing with Python.

More FAQs about our computer programming course

Where can I train for this qualification?

This is a distance-based learning course that you can complete online, from anywhere.

How long does it take to complete?

The course is flexible, so you can go through the material as quickly as you like. We recommend completing 4 hours a week over 8-weeks.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, at the end of the course you’ll receive a BCS branded Certificate of Completion and a Digital Badge.

How much does it cost?

The BCS Teaching Teachers Tech: Computing with Python is a self-funded course. We are currently accepting applications on our pilot programme with a reduced course cost of £850 +VAT (for those who are enrolled before 16 September 2022).

Once the pilot is full, the course price is £995 + VAT.