Welcome to our committee!

We are here to support, collaborate and enable Fellows to get involved in BCS and make IT good for society.

We’d love to hear from you; please get in touch at groups@bcs.uk.

Sonia Patel, Chair

About us

We report to Community Board which is a BCS strategic board, meaning it has delegated authority from Trustees. The principle aims of the Fellowship Committee are to:

  1. provide the necessary authority for the interpretation of the Fellowship criteria set by the Registrations and Standards Committee.
  2. objectively review fellowship applicants as the ultimate arbiter to avoid ambiguity in the interpretation of the Fellowship criteria.
  3. promote members into Fellowship.
  4. support the assessment process for Fellows.
  5. provide quality assurance for the assessment of Fellowship applications.
  6. advise on the nature of communications to Fellows.
  7. help develop attractive engagement opportunities to the Fellowship to support the delivery of our Royal Charter.
  8. to promote the significance of BCS Fellowship.

You can find out more about our responsibilities as a committee through our Terms of Reference.