To develop and build on the BCS voice, we are looking for exceptional volunteers to join our first Influence Board.

Your experience will be vital in helping the professional body for IT to connect with industry, education sector and government to bring about positive change.

Who can apply?

We are asking for expressions of interest from influencers, from a diverse range of backgrounds and professional fields to enhance the impact of BCS’ mission, reputation, and campaigns.

As an Influence board member, you will care about issues like professionalism and ethics, the role of IT in understanding climate change, and the challenge of closing the digital divide. However, you do not need to be a senior IT professional.

Instead, you might be a well-connected communicator and leader with experience of successful campaigns or public outreach projects which can help BCS’s message cut through a complex landscape.

Or you might be a young person just starting out in a tech career, or who has a unique perspective on how social media affects children and teenagers’ lives right now.

Our board must also include people who understand the role of diversity in a profession where women remain under-represented and LGBTQIA+, neurodiverse and ethnic minority groups still face a range of challenges.

How much of my time will be required?

  • At least four meetings a year
  • You will form a key role in specific projects which may involve a longer-term commitment
  • You’ll offer valued strategic advice across the whole organisation
  • The board will also work closely with other boards, and specialist groups within the community

How do I apply?

The role of IT in society has never been more critical and ensuring the professional body for the industry has a strong, powerful voice is essential.

If you think you could be a valuable member, please complete this brief form as an expression of interest.

We are seeking nine members and anticipate a high volume of applications. Please respond by the closing date of 7 June 2022.