If you’re serious about your career make a smart move and prove your digital competence, work ethic and dedication with RITTech from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

The following are 10 ways professional registrations will support your IT career:

Stand out for the right reasons

It’s a noisy world. You know your technical skills are on point, you know what you’re doing, and you know you work hard in your job - but you’re surrounded by at least 50+ people all saying the same thing. RITTech raises your professional profile.

As Ben Owen, a member of the RITTech community says, “In IT, being able to formally evidence technical competence and professional integrity is an easy way to stand out from the crowd.”

It’s really easy to do

Unlike a certification, which focus on upskilling, requires extensive study and examination, RITTech is a professional registration. An independent validation of your existing skills, knowledge and experience, you simply apply to BCS, and we assess your digital competence as it stands today. The approval process takes less than 3-weeks and lasts for 3-years (as long as you remain a BCS member), and BCS is there to support you every step of the way.

Deliver confidence in 7-letters

Because RITTech is a professional registration, it can only be awarded by a regulated industry authority, like BCS. When we grant RITTech, we independently recognise your knowledge and skills against defined industry standards. We also ask for a senior professional to sponsor your application. It’s the difference between you simply saying you can do something, and an authority verifying you’ve actually done it and proved your ability.

Validation beyond skills

Another benefit of holding a professional registration is that it recognises more than pure skill - it also assesses your attitude to your work and the wider profession. RITTech shows employers and clients that you're a competent, ethical professional they can rely on to do a great job, because you work to high standards, contribute to the community and are committed to raising standards across the industry.

Join a thriving community

RITTech is the fastest growing professional registration at BCS, with nearly 2,500 professionals within the RITTech community. As a member, we welcome you to our LinkedIn community where you can network with other RITTech professionals, and take advantage of opportunities to raise your profile in the industry. And we encourage you to join the RITTech champion programme, which gives the opportunity to directly influence industry standards and allow you to support newcomers.

More benefits with BCS membership

To join RITTech, you must first be a BCS member. This offers you (and your organisation) a wave of additional benefits, including a rich community of 60,000+ IT professionals. We host specific networking opportunities through 150+ different specialist groups and branches. And we facilitate continued professional development, career planning and mentoring to help you ensure your skills remain fresh and relevant for the future.

Take your place on the public register

Despite digital skills being vital to the UK’s economic recovery, we are heading towards a catastrophic digital skills disaster. With digital skills in high demand, you’ll want to ensure you’re front of mind when organisations are actively hunting for their next hire. The public RITTech register, it’s the perfect way to get your name found and signal to prospective employers that you are the best candidate for the role.

Aligns to SIFAplus to support career progression

RITTech benchmarks your technical skills and knowledge against levels 3 and 4 on the SFIAplus skills framework. Recognised across 200 countries, it enables employers and practitioners to identify and plan their continuous professional development in line with business needs and market trends. And as proof of your DIGITAL competence, RITTech acknowledges your transferrable skills so you’re not tied to a single career progression path.

Take your digital career to the next level

As well as give you greater recognition and influence, RITTech sets you on the path to Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status. The BCS professional standard for competence and professionalism in the technology industry assesses you against four key criteria: your ability to be a self-starter, leadership traits, ability to work across complex and multifaceted roles, and your appreciation for how the business vision and strategy benefit from exploiting IT.

Increased earning potential

RITTech proves you to be the top talent in the industry, and with that brings great rewards. According to Government data, a professional registration opens more opportunities with managerial and supervisory responsibilities. Furthermore, individuals who have been awarded a professional registration are shown to attract salaries that are 26% higher, compared to their peers without.