Benchmark your knowledge and skills against the recognised industry standard

Demonstrate your current competence to clients and employers, and the value you bring

Set yourself apart as a highly-skilled IT professional with a place on the public CITP register

Help to raise the profile of your profession and play a part in shaping its development

Is it for me?

You're ready to become CITP if you are:

  • engaged in challenging and complex activities across the business
  • in a position of influence and responsibility
  • committed to continuing your professional development

What are the requirements?

  • You’re assessed against the criteria set out in the CITP standard
  • You need to be a member of a professional body licenced to award CITP:
    • BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
    • the IET
    • Irish Computer Society 
    • ITP New Zealand
    • Institute of Highway Engineers

How to apply

To become CITP, you'll need to evidence your competence and knowledge in a series of personal statements and an interview with our chartered assessors.

1. It begins with an online application

Our online application process captures your contact details and information about your work experience and qualifications, as well as your personal statement demonstrating your competency - under the headings of autonomy, influence, complexity of work, business skills and breadth of knowledge.

Here's a useful guide to completing your personal statement

When you're ready to make a start, you can use this template for preparing your personal statement ahead of submitting your application.

You’ll also need to upload your CV with your application.

2. Your qualifications may advance your application

If you hold a degree with full CITP accreditation, you won't need to compile a breadth of knowledge statement as part of your online application, as your qualification provides us with the evidence we need.

Check your qualification - your degree is eligible if it's listed in this search with Full CITP level of accreditation.

Fast-track scheme
If you hold one of the following certifications you qualify for CITP status providing that a) you're a member of BCS, or one of the other bodies licenced to award CITP, and b) you can evidence knowledge across the broad range of the IT profession.

3. You need supporters to verify your statements

Your supporter could be an employer, client or colleague. They’ll need to work at your level or above and be able to offer a reliable opinion of your skills and competence. We'll ask them to review your personal statement before verifying your application.

Please speak to your supporters in advance to confirm that they consent to verifying your application and for BCS to hold their details for the purposes of CITP assessment.

Their details will be used solely in support of and for the duration of your application and will be deleted once the outcome of your application has been decided.

4. We'll explore your competence and knowledge in an interview

After your supporters have responded, and we've reviewed and approved your application, you'll progress to an assessment interview with two of our chartered assessors.

You'll need to give a 10-minute presentation to bring your professional competence to life. Our assessors will ask questions to verify your breadth and depth of knowledge and your communication skills.

Your interview and presentation will be carried out online using conferencing software, and the session will last up to an hour.

5. You can track your progress online

From the moment you submit your application, you can track its progress in the CITP portal.

We aim to complete your assessment within 12 to 16 weeks. Timescales for processing an application can vary, depending on the length of time your supporters take to respond and your availability for interview.

6. What happens when I become CITP?
  • Public register
    Confirm your place among the most influential IT professionals in the industry by appearing in the public register of Chartered IT Professionals

  • Certificate of current competence
    When you become a Chartered IT Professional, you receive a certificate of current competence, confirming the relevance of your skills and expertise in today's fast-moving industry.

    You'll need to revalidate your certificate every five years to show you're still operating at the cutting edge - at which point we'll require proof of your CPD.

  • Get involved
    Your knowledge, experience and opinion are valuable commodities which you can invest in BCS to support your continuing professional development as well as the development of our industry and digital society.

    • Mentoring network - inspiring another person and seeing them progress and benefit from your knowledge and insight is a hugely rewarding experience.

    • Policy hub - we're regularly consulted by government and other key bodies - help to influence policy and legislation by having your say on the important issues affecting us all.

    • Volunteering - grow your professional network, and the profile of your field, by taking an active role in the running of our membership community.

Apply for CITP

I'm a BCS member

If you're a MBCS or FBCS member you pay a one-off application fee for CITP.

CITP application fee: £160

If you live in India, Mauritius, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, apply here 

Apply for CITP

I'm not a BCS member

To apply for CITP with BCS, you need to join as a Professional MBCS member.

CITP application fee: £160
MBCS CITP annual subscription: £189
TOTAL: £349

If you live in India, Mauritius, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, apply here

Apply for CITP (with MBCS)

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