Suitable for:

Inspirational technology leaders, innovators and academics.


You must be a tech leader or considered a role model in your field.
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£230 a year, plus a £160* one-off application fee.
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Why become a BCS Fellow

You want to be seen as the Leader you are

Technology extends its reach across society every day. As a leader in your field, you’re facing increasingly complex challenges and your influence and responsibility has never been more significant. With FBCS after your name you can show the world your leadership credentials.

You want to connect with brilliant big thinkers

BCS Fellowship provides you with a welcome forum to discuss issues, ideas and approaches with people who understand the pressures of tech accountability. It’s where CIOs, CTOs, IT directors, academics and other IT leaders, in the tech industry and beyond, can come together in an impartial setting for non-commercial networking, problem solving and conversation.

You want to give back to the industry

As a BCS Fellow, you’ll receive the recognition you’ve earned as a pioneer of the modern profession. You’ll have a platform for extending your influence as a thought leader and for giving back to the industry with opportunities for policy formation, education, public engagement and more.

You want to put professionalism at the heart of business

You could also choose to become a mentor and play a key role in nurturing next gen professionals, or help raise standards and shape the profession from within as a BCS assessor.

Even more benefits...

Get high recognition

Enjoy industrywide recognition, with the letters FBCS after your name and your place on the public BCS Fellowship register.

Shape tech policy

Share your views and wisdom at our policy forums and in our government lobbying to help steer the ethical direction of the industry.

Share your expertise

Impart your knowledge and inspire others as a speaker or panellist at a BCS event or webinar, and by contributing written content to

Nurture tomorrow's talent

Pass on the priceless experience you’ve gained along your digital journey – and gain fresh perspectives yourself – as a BCS mentor.

Become an assessor

Support your peers’ professional development and help to increase and promote standards of competence throughout our industry.

What does it mean to be a Fellow? Hear from our members as they talk about what being a BCS Fellow means to them and how they make IT good for society.

How to become a BCS Fellow

Step 1 - Complete an application form

Download the Fellowship application form and include written statements showing how you meet the FBCS criteria. You’ll also need to provide your CV or LinkedIn profile, demonstrating at least five years experience within the scope of the IT profession.

Organisational member? If you're a member of an organisational membership scheme you'll need to complete the Organisational Membership (OM) Fellowship application form.

Step 2- Evidence

To become a BCS Fellow, you need to evidence your achievements and impact in the industry against a selection of criteria. Read the full criteria in our Fellowship application guidance or Fellowship application guidance for Organisational Membership (OM) – which also explains how to set out your written evidence statements effectively. 

Step 3 - Supporter

You’ll require a supporter who’s either an existing BCS Fellow, Fellow of another professional membership body, or somebody you work with. They need to verify you’re ready for Fellowship and confirm the accuracy of the experience you’ve noted in your application. Please speak to them in advance to check they’re happy to support your application. We recommend sharing this Fellow supporter guidance with them to help them understand what’s required of them as a Supporter.

Step 4 - Apply online

Once you're ready, its time to apply for FBCS via our online application portal.

Important downloads

Webinars - Fellows of the Future

If you’ve been thinking about applying for Fellowship but don’t know where to start, or perhaps you just want to know how to clearly frame your experience, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to join our programme of webinars.

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