Share your expertise and develop the next generation

One of the successes of our industry is the ability and willingness to collaborate. IT leaders who innovate and inspire the next generation deserve to stand out for their contribution.


Share your knowledge

BCS are here to facilitate debate and help find the way to truth. Our Fellows play an important role by contributing articles and content to our Content hub, ITNOW magazine and webinars.


Becoming a mentor

Fellows can get directly involved with professionals at earlier stages in their careers by enrolling in our mentoring network. Find mentees based upon your skill sets and interests.


Raise your profile

If you’re an inspirational leader, chances are you have a rich history of public speaking. BCS regularly host events, such as the award-winning Insights, where we actively look to our community of Fellows to contribute and participate on world-class panels.


Influence policy and affect change

Part of our role set out in our royal charter is to make IT good for society, and we achieve this through our policy work. As a BCS Fellow, your expertise will be invaluable in this as we lobby government to make the changes the profession and society needs.

How to become a BCS Fellow

To apply for Fellowship, you’ll need to provide evidence of leadership through your eminence, authority or seniority in the IT profession. If you are an expert in your field, have been recognised for your knowledge and influence, or held a senior position for a number of years, BCS Fellowship could be the next step in your career.

There’s an application form to complete and you’ll need to attach your CV. We will also ask you to provide contact details for a referee who can validate your experience. Your referee must be working at a similar level to you and have first-hand knowledge of your work. If necessary you can provide more than one referee. 

Criteria and fees

Annual subscription
£203 (+ £160 one-off application fee that will only be refunded when your application has been closed due to no response from your designated supporters)

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