Available when you apply online.

  • International rates
    If you live in a low or lower income country, you'll receive 50% discount on your annual subscription for Associate, Professional and Fellow membership and Fellowship application fee.

  • New graduates
    If you are a recent graduate you can receive your first year of membership at AMBCS or MBCS level for just £25. Please contact customerservice@bcs.uk to request a discount code.
  • Full course Student membership
    You can become a Student member for the duration of your course (up to four years) for just £30.
  • Temporary reduced rate
    Your circumstances may mean you’re eligible for a reduced rate subscription.
  • Retired member rate
    If you are leaving or have left employment but are still active in the profession, you could be eligible for our retired member subscription.

Tax relief

If you’re a UK tax payer and pay your own subscription fees, you may be entitled to claim back tax for your BCS membership fee.

Find out more at gov.uk

Reciprocal discounts

If you’re a full-paying member of one of the following organisations, you can claim back 20% of your Professional membership subscription under our reciprocal agreement.

Please speak to your full paying membership body who will be able to provide you with a BCS discount code. This can be applied when you join BCS or upon receiving your annual renewal notice (a new code will be required each year of renewal). The code should be used online through MyBCS.

For BCS full paying members, you will need to contact* your reciprocal body and demonstrate you are a BCS member before receiving discount.

*For BCS members wishing to enjoy reciprocal membership with ACS and CIPS, please speak to the BCS Customer Service Team who will provide the relevant code.

Please note: Only one discount can be awarded at any time and to ensure you are eligible for reciprocal membership the Direct Debit function will not apply.