With office staff getting involved in our first ever pentathlon event, each week one of our books will be reduced to half price - for one week only!

There will be five events taking place in the lead up to Christmas, the first of which has now been uploaded to our YouTube channel - watch to the end to see which book wins. For one-week only, the winning book will be available at half price from the BCS bookshop.

The first of these event was book balancing and ones that are coming up soon include:

  • The flipping bookworm
  • Book pairs
  • The beanbag book toss

We will be sharing event news each week via social networks, and each event will be available in our BCS Olymbook Games playlist on YouTube. It may be a little early for festive silliness, but our thanks to the staff involved who are giving up their lunch breaks to make these events possible!

About the author

Karen Manning joined BCS in 2008 working in the Marketing Team. Having graduated in marketing in the pre-www era, she has relished the challenge to keep up to date with the latest developments in technology and new media.