Your Council wastes no time in getting 2023 up and running! We met on Wednesday 11th January for our first meeting of the year, and in the following day we joined the Trustee Board and senior BCS stakeholders for the annual joint-strategy day.

As is typical, our Council meeting covered a vast array of topics; here are a couple:

I’m delighted to share that Council elected Danielle George MBE FBCS CEng FIET as Chair of the Influence Board. (The Nominations Committee has responsibility to put forward candidates for senior positions, which are then approved by Trustee Board, but it is Council that has the responsibility to elect – or not – those proposed.). Our Influence Board was established in 2022, and will focus on how BCS most effectively influences our ecosystem, including industry and government, in relation to our strategic objectives. I, personally, am excited to see how Danielle will lead this influence activity, to enable BCS to have a greater stamp on our industry, and will be following with great interest.

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Council also had an update from Prof. Alastair Irons, Chair of Academy Board. He covered the board’s key responsibilities, recent and current business, and challenges BCS Academy is facing in the community. In break-out groups Council members then discussed the sustainability topics we should be considering in the context of the Computer Science curriculum and how we can raise the profile of Equality, Equity, Diversity and inclusion in Computer Science. Some members were able to bring their deep expertise in these areas; some made contributions from their lack of expertise, asking the probing questions in areas that experts may take for granted.

As for the strategy day, Council is invited to join the BCS senior leadership team and the Trustee Board and to assist in shaping and refining the Institute’s strategy. The output from the day will inform the content of the 2023/24 business plan and beyond (which is then submitted to Council and Trustee Board later this year). We discussed the Institute’s value proposition, what is needed of a professional body today and in the future, how to prioritise the many valuable activities that could be done, and more. It’s a great networking opportunity too. I find it a rewarding investment of my time, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!