The skills gap. It’s very real, it affects organisations the world over, and it’s a problem that is not going away.

Research from McKinsey concluded that 9 in 10 executives either face a skills gaps already, or expect them to develop within the next 5 years. Worldwide, over a third of CISOs lack cybersecurity talent.

While here in the UK, a Government study discovered that almost half of UK businesses struggle to recruit for roles that require data skills, including machine learning, programming and emerging technologies - it costs SMEs an average of £145k per year to plug the gap.

And yet here you are.

You know your technical skills are on point, you know what you’re doing, and you know you work hard in your job. The trouble is that when you walk into an interview, you face 50+ applicants all saying the same thing.

But, did you know you can stand out from the crowd with just 7 little letters? In fact, those 7 letters could have employers knocking on your door.

RITTech: join the elite with a certified registration

If you want proof of your competence as an IT professional, get your skills independently verified by BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT. With the Registered IT Technician (RITTech) professional registration, you confirm to prospective employers that you’re the best person for the job because you possess the necessary skills and behaviours today - and have committed to keep those skills fresh and relevant for the future.

Once you have achieved your professional registration, you:

  • Can add 7 letters after your name, RITTech, to signal your technical skills and conduct at-a-glance.
  • Appear on the public RITTech register of certified professionals and be found when prospective employers are actively head-hunting their next hire.
  • Possess the evidence to demonstrate the progress made in your career, which makes the difference between saying you’re the best, and proving it.

Everyone benefits with RITTech

Employers value RITTech because it shows that you have proved to an independent third-party that you are a competent and ethical professional. This transfers through to the service they offer their customers, because they feel confident to rely on you to do a great job.

RITTech also aligns to levels 3 and 4 of the SFIAplus skills framework. The globally-recognised standard, which was developed by industry experts and backed by Government, provides a deeper level of understanding into your skills and expertise that isn’t always apparent with a simple job title or description. As well as ensuring they hire the right person for their organisation, it also helps them to plan your career development and how they can best support you.

The professional registration is also very personal to each individual. It is something you can feel proud to be part of and feel connected to your industry in a way that nothing else quite manages. As Satish Bhatia says, “It feels great to be linked with RITTech. I feel proud of being a part of an organisation where everyone is looked upon with respect…Now I am part of an organisation that the IT profession has trust in and that feels fantastic.”

Furthermore, with the RITTech professional registration you are part of the BCS community, which comes with another wave of benefits from networking to events, continuous learning and job opportunities. Nicole Covey explains, “The benefits are ongoing and RITTech has developed my career and me as a person. It is just so worth it... The IT industry is always changing and the membership keeps me up to date with what I need to know.

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5 reasons to love RITTech:

  1. Letters after your name.
  2. Listed on the public RITTech register.
  3. Proof that you are 'the best'.
  4. Aligned to the SFIAplus skills framework.
  5. AND the benefits of BCS membership.

What's not to love?!

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