For my birthday last year I was given a Kindle. As an avid book reader, I wasn’t at all sure how to react.

Don’t get me wrong I love books and initially thought it would be a great way to free up some bookshelf space. I soon realised though that reading the free to download / out of print classics just wasn’t the same without holding the paper in your hands. Even the smell wasn’t right. And as for when you fall asleep holding it, well the sound of the Kindle landing on the floor just isn’t the same - and you wake in a sweat wondering if this time you really have broken it!

However, since BCS began to publish it’s own collection of ebooks I’ve changed my mind and found a new purpose for my Kindle!

For me, it’s no longer about reading the classics, although I still have a few on there for when I want some light reading. No, instead I have found this format perfect for downloading ebooks that have a more educational purpose.

In the past few weeks I’ve downloaded a digital marketing ebook and a social media publication from other publishers; each one for a more than reasonable price. They may not suit everyone but whether you have a Kindle or other form of ereader, the idea of having access to such useful resources at your fingertips in literally seconds is just brilliant.

If you have an ereader, I’d be interested to hear what you think? On trains they seem to be increasingly popular but unlike books, you can’t quite see what they’re reading...

About the author

Karen Manning joined BCS in 2008 working in the Marketing Team. Having graduated in marketing in the pre-www era, she has relished the challenge to keep up to date with the latest developments in technology and new media.