Suzana Lopes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Pearson VUE EMEA, a computer-based testing company, shares five expert tips to ensure testing excellence.

1. Ensure flexible delivery via superior technology

In this ultra competitive age candidates expect flexible test delivery. The ability to offer your test via an extensive global network of centres will not only improve accessibility, but will also increase your company’s international footprint and prove its ability to establish highly beneficial and impressive relationships. Your testing partner should offer you use of advanced technology platforms.

2. Meet your candidates’ needs

Candidates expect to be able to undertake assessment at a local test centre. They will also expect the centre to be a secure setting and for the test which they sit to be measurable. So make sure you partner with a business that provides accessible, measurable and secure testing - the key ingredients for assessment excellence.

3. Make security a key priority for your test

The security of your test must remain a paramount priority. Utilisation of sophisticated security technology will allow you to ensure that the right person takes the test at the right time. For example, palm vein recognition scans and identifies the unique vein formation found in a candidate’s hand, thus preventing impersonators from sitting a test. Negotiate any aspect of test security and your exams and reputation are sure to suffer.

4. Make your test effective

It is important to work with a company that has expertise in psychometrics. When making the move from traditional pen and paper to computer-based testing you should expect to receive a detailed review of performance statistics for every test item and for the provider to make recommendations regarding exam improvement. This will ensure that the range of item difficulty remains current and appropriate.

5. Partner with a company of outstanding repute

The success of your test depends greatly on who you partner with. It is highly advisable that you work with experienced testing professionals who have performed many different implementations. A culturally aware partner who has delivered millions of tests on a global scale will be able to meet all of your assessment needs.