I have spent some of this week at HRD 2008 with Trainerbase, the Trade Association for Learning Professionals and I was yet again intrigued by the lack of IT training representation at what is perceived to be an HR event but is actually about training and trainers.

IT Training - does it fall under the IT or HR function? Always a dilemma, it became very apparent that IT training is not perceived to be part of the HR development function at HRD 2008 in London this week when even IT training specialist organisations - I won't name them but you know who you are - were exhibiting their 'soft skills' courses rather than their IT courses. The BCS and IITT were nowhere to be seen and even IT trainers approaching Trainerbase were non-existent, even though we were inundated with Management Trainers and businesses wanting many different skills, including IT training.

No wonder we get ignored by the HR function if we are not prepared to stand up for ourselves. I propose wearing a badge that says 'I am an IT Training Professional and proud of it' but only because I feel it might upset people even more if I wore one saying what I really feel - 'Yes, I am an IT Training Professional - Get over it!'

Anyone prepared to wear the badge with me?

About the author

Jooli Atkins (FBCS, CITP) has been involved in the IT profession for the past 25 years, mainly in Learning and Development. She is the Chair of the BCS Learning and Development specialist group and CITP assessor as well as being an accredited SFIA consultant, specialising in Business Change.