Last week I was giving our grass its first cut of the year and I realised that my mowing method was actually reflecting my personality and working style in a way that I had not noticed before.

It was so lovely last week - Spring had really sprung and the new shoots were beginning to show. Well, they were in the garden anyway.

I set about tackling the lawn for its first cut of the year by starting at the edges with every intention of working methodically through. I then found myself making swirling patterns all around me in the grass with the mower and realised that my approach reflects the way I get the most satisfaction from work.

I start with the best of intentions to work methodically through a job and then I start getting creative. With the type of work I do in business analysis, project management and L&D management that can get a bit difficult to manage and so I bring myself back to my methodical approach when I have enough creativity to satisfy me.

And so it was with the lawn... as soon as I had covered the lawn in a creative way, I went back over it for a quick check in a methodical way - up and down the lawn to make sure I had not missed anything. Good job I apply the same checks to my work otherwise it could get a bit messy. It would look good though :-)

By the way, when does grass become a lawn and when does it revert back to grass?

About the author

Jooli Atkins (FBCS, CITP) has been involved in the IT profession for the past 25 years, mainly in Learning and Development. She is the Chair of the BCS Learning and Development specialist group and CITP assessor as well as being an accredited SFIA consultant, specialising in Business Change.