I don't think crystal balls work, but it would be good if they did! It's going to be an interesting 2009 for project management and I for one am looking forward to it. Yes there's uncertainty in the marketplace but I believe this is an excellent time to sort the wheat from the chaff. So if the crystal ball was working, what would you ideally like to know about?

Now in its fourth year, the Arras People Project Management Survey is building a reputation for providing an insight into current topics, salaries and trends within our industry. As an individual, your input will allow them to once again create a snapshot and provide a current picture of what is happening in the field of Project Management. Whether job seeking or settled in your current position, this data will provide an insight into the market and how you rate against your peers.

"With 2009 looking to be a challenging year, it will be especially interesting to get the views of a group of professionals who can make a major impact on the economy. Challenging times require focused projects which can deliver real benefits and skilled project professionals to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved," said John Thorpe, Managing Director / Founder of Arras People.

Surveys from previous years have been cited in many different presentations worldwide since its inception in 2006, and project management professionals have found the Arras People Project Management Survey useful when looking to present current data and trends in the profession.

The Project Management Survey is now closed.