More than half of young people with a post-GCSE IT qualification are confident about their job prospects in the next year, according to a new survey among 16-30 year olds by BCS, the professional body for IT practioners.

The BCS research shows the majority of 16-30 year olds (57 per cent) accept that 'those without IT skills will struggle at work' and a large number (49 per cent) think 'employers should get extra financial help to train people in IT business skills'.

'Young people realise even basic IT skills are now essential to their long term employment prospects. They recognise that IT is a dynamic, global profession that offers a rewarding career equal to other traditional professions,' said Jennifer Hewitt, from the BCS's Young Professionals Group.

The research is contained in a report 'Why We Should Learn To Love IT'. Other highlights include, Britain's under-30s think:

  • IT offers 'global careers' (70 per cent);
  • 'IT is challenging and exciting' (54 per cent);
  • Only 19 per cent think 'IT is boring';
  • IT attracts 'innovative people and businesses' (57 per cent);
  • 41 per cent think IT is an 'easy' industry to start your own business in;
  • 39 per cent think IT is as 'important a profession as law or medicine';
  • Only 15 per cent disagreed with the statement: 'Jobs in IT are more open to entrants of all sex, age, class and creed than other professions like law or medicine'.