Latest news November 2016

The Chair, James Uhomoibhi, and the Vice Chair and Secretary, Margaret Ross, reported that the current Specialist Group membership is 1,384 of which 430 (31%) are based outside the UK (compared with 1,445 last year of which 348  (24%) of our members outside the UK . We hope that in particular, those members outside the UK, will enter the e-learning competitions as well as  encouraging HE and FE establishments to enter the BCS Student e-learning poster competition.

The Specialist Group thanks the sponsors of the meetings, particularly the Bournemouth University for hosting the INSPIRE 2016 conference.

The Specialist Group also would like to thank the speakers.

The following events where held in 2015/16

Date Speaker Subject
Wed 4 Nov 2015

Eleanor Dewar, Daniel Hutty and James Uhomoibhi, following e-learning AGM, at BCS London

MOOCs, e-learning, and Africa

Wed 14 Oct  Margaret Ross, following Quality SG AGM, at BCS London, presentation jointly with e-learning SG

Process Improvement by utilising new technology in teaching and learning and other means

Thurs 28 Jan

Margaret Ross and Rosie Ayo
At BCS London

Making IT Good for Society in Africa

Tues 26 March

Various presenters, at Bournemouth University, jointly with the BCS e-Learning SG, Quality SG  and Bournemouth University

INSPIRE - Conference
Tues 2 Aug

Elenar Dewar , Southampton Solent University, jointly with the BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS e-Learning SG, SIGN  and Southampton Solent University

MOOCs, e-Learning and Tanzania - lunch time

Thurs 22 Sept Professor Andreas Pester of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, associated with  ICL-2016  International conference at Ulster University, Belfast Online Experiments and Simulations in Tertiary Education Including Use of Pocket Labs - afternoon seminar

The 21st  annual INSPIRE conference was held, in conjunction with the BCS Quality SG at Bournemouth University. It was very successful, with interesting presentations, both in person and remotely from diverse locations. There were a student prizes for the best presentation. The proceedings were  Education Quality Matters: Trends and Challenges ISBN 978-0-9932889-3-7 with editors Keith Phalp. Vasilis Katos, Sofia Meacham, M Ross, G Staples, J Uhomoibhi

We would want to give a special thanks to Sofia Meacham, also Elli Geogiadou and Peter Linecar for the effort and support, in the preparation, during and after the SQM and INSPIRE conferences, when Margaret Ross was undergoing and recovering from server surgery.

The winner of the INSPIRE 2016 student prizes were

Nathan Handley and Paul Albinson, both from Bournemouth University, were joint winners of the BCS INSPIRE conference student presentation competition for presented papers, with Yuan Li from Southampton Solent University, as the Runner-Up

Victoria Omomhenle was the winner of the best presentation of the Master students presentations section at the INSPIRE conference

Kevin Mcneill was the winner , with Rebecca Rogers as the Runner-Up, both from Bournemouth University, of the  BCS SQM conference student presentation

The winner of the Student poster competition was

Evanda Lauder, a final year student  at Southampton Solent University, for her entry on “making IT better for society”, relating to developing a system to improve the knowledge of health of those in care homes.

Also we are holding another poster competition for HE and FE students, details below.

We would like to thank the committee and the speakers for all their help and their support throughout the year. We would want to give a special mention to Sofia Meacham, Elli Geogiadou and Peter Linecar for the care, support and attention to details, especially with the INSPIRE conference, in ensuring that our activities and plans are realized. I want to thank Liz for ensuring our budget and finances are in order. We also want to thank other members of the committee and volunteers both here with us in the UK and abroad for contributing to our activities, which continue to grow internationally.

Future Events

The BCS Quality Specialist Group’s Annual International 25th SQM (Software Quality Management) and 22nd INSPIRE (International conference for Process Improvement, Research and Education) Conferences will be held on Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 April  2017 at Southampton Solent University, UK, papers can be presented again remotely or in person. One page abstracts in Word required asap to Margaret Ross, with SQM 2017 or INSPIRE 2017 in the Subject line.

The BCS e-Learning SG 2016/7 Poster International competitions, both having two Classes, one aimed at STUDENTS (at Universities, Higher and Further Educational Establishments) and the other OPEN to all. Both to be submitted by a point of contact to the BCS,  by end of 30 March 2017

Poster and Text competition, with 2 Classes, one for STUDENTS and the other OPEN

The theme is the “e-learning - making IT better for society” 

Your entry should be a file a single power point screens being an e-poster relating to an application of e-learning, which you might have either developed or are proposing. Examples of Topics could relate to gaining skills, professional qualifications or ensuring children’s safety with the Internet

RULES that apply to the competitions: The BCS Specialist Group will be running a different STUDENT Class competition for students at Universities, Higher and Further Educational Establishments in 2016/2017,

  •  Entries are invited from individuals or groups of students at all levels of study: postgraduate, undergraduate or in further education, whether in full-time or part-time study; open to BCS and non-BCS members.
    • The language should be English,
    •  Declaration of entry to be made to, with copy to, with e-Learning poster competition as the subject line, stating Student HE, Student FE or Open class,
    • For the Open Competition, entries via the individual or one member for group entries, who should be a BCS member , stating the BCS number – only one member per group for the open competition need be a BCS member, The subject heading of  for all communication should be "e-learning Open Competition"
      • For the Student Competition, entries via a nominated single point of contact (normally a teacher or lecturer at the educational establishment) for each Student competition, the Point of contact need not be a BCS member. 
      • For the students (HE and FE) classes, the Point of Contact from that educational establishment  is asked to
        • Email your nomination for your establishment’s single Point of Contact  normally a lecturer, to, with copy to, with e-Learning Student competition as the subject line,
        • We will then post the name of the nominated point of contact along with that of the establishment, its location (town and country) on our e-learning competition webpage, for other students at that establishment to see and use to contact the Point of Contact
        • Further information, if necessary, can then be sent to the Point of Contact
        • The Point of Contact  should then email this file to with a subject heading of  "e-learning Student Competition" followed by the name of their establishment, before  the closing date for submissions of 30th March 2017. Each academic establishment may submit up to 30 entries for each competition; it is left to the points of contact to sift down to this limit, if more than 30 entries are submitted to them

For the Open and for the Student Competitions

  • The BCS will assess all submitted entries and select  up to 20 per class for further consideration at the BCS e-learning INSPIRE conference.
  •  All entries must be free from any copyright, potential legal limitations or other issues that might cause offence
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • The BCS will obtain the media rights and all other rights appropriate for the competition