Computer Conservation Society

The Ferranti Pegasus computer at the London Science Museum, operated and maintained by members of the CCS, is the oldest working extant electronic computer in the world

The Computer Conservation Society (the CCS) is a joint venture between the British Computer Society, the Science Museum of London, and the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

The Society organises events, with a regular programme of talks and seminars between September and May each year. Our meetings are held in Manchester and in London, and are open to all.

The Society promotes the conservation of historic computers, and runs a number of specialised Projects. Early computers that have been conserved by the society can be seen in UK museums. We welcome people to help in our restoration and demonstration activities.

The Society promotes awareness of the history of computing, and publishes a regular Journal, titled 'Resurrection'. We encourage the study and preservation of material about historic computers, their use and about the history of the computer industry. Our webpages contain more, including many links and pointers to sources of information on computer history.

For more about membership and our aims follow the link About the CCS. Note that a voluntary annual donation of £15 is customary from members to support our computer restoration and conservation work.

Our members include many with wide and expert knowledge on early UK computers - you are welcome to Contact the CCS on computer history matters.

Group Contact

General Enquiries:
Dr Roger Johnson

Programme Secretary:
Kevin Murrell

Group Membership - Donation

Members are invited to make an annual donation of £15.00 to the CCS's Restoration Fund.

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