Animation and Games Development Specialist Group

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The BCS Animation and Games Development SG is relevant to industrial and business developers, to academics, teachers, students and users both of serious games and of social games, including the media and local and national Government.

The objectives of the group include to provide a focus for the interests in Animation and Computer Games, and the implications, from across the BCS and the wider profession, to the general public. For example, topics where animation and computer game development, operation and maintinance technology could enhance current activities for IT Professionalism and computing

To achieve this the group will:

  • Raise awareness and knowledge of the issues and opportunities related to Animation and Computer Games, through facilitating virtual reality, articles and physical events etc;
  • Build credibility as a body of expertise that can act as a source of information in the field of Animation and Computer Games, for instance through the provision of road maps, policies and guidance, particularly for end users, consumers, teachers, academics, the Government and the general public;
  • Support a knowledge community for Animation and Computer Games, to include and for benefit of the wider community and the general public;
  • Develop a programme of events, standalone and with other Branches and Specialist Groups, both in various physical locations and also utilizing virtual worlds.

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This series is being filmed in schools with a live audience of 7-12 year olds. Two new presenters Vicky Letch and The Blowfish introduce the latest gadgets and games to the audience who give open an honest comments on what is cool and what is not.