HCI 1998 Conference

HCI'98 Conference: Companion. Proceedings edited by Jon May (Department of Psychology University of Sheffield), Jawed Siddiqi and Julie Wilkinson (School of Computing and Management Sciences Sheffield Hallam University)

Keynote Addresses Chaired by Hilary Johnson

Parallel Universes
Karen Mahoney

Multimedia Kiosks: A Metropolitan Police Perspective
Gary Fitzpatrick

Portability of User Interfaces: "Writing it once" is not enough
Joëlle Coutaz

Systems, Interactions and Macro-theory
Philip J Barnard

Successes and Failures in Groupware Adoption: Case Studies
Jonathan Grudin

Panels Chaired by Andrew Monk

Human-Centred Processes
Jonathan Earthy, Brian Shackel, Hazel Courteney, Simon Hakiel, BrianSherwood-Jones and Bronwen Taylor

A New User Interface Metaphor for Mobile Personal Technologies
Elisa del Galdo, Paul Gough,Matt Jones, Rob Noble and Philip Stenton

Organisational constraints on the proper teaching of HCI: must HCI have its own department to be taught properly?
Peter Gregor, Xris Faulkner, Phil Gray, Andrew Monk, Peter Timmer and Steve Draper

Short Papers Chaired by Jon May and Jawed Siddiqi

Communication goals in interaction
Ann Blandford and Richard M. Young

Sustaining the paper metaphor with Dynamic-HTML
Gavin J. Brelstaff and Francesca Chessa

User Profile-based Reference Points in Information Visualisation
Chaomei Chen and John Davies

Improving online style-guides and guidelines
Mikael Ericsson

Using 'Contact Points' for Web Page Design
Pete Faraday and Alistair Sutcliffe

Configurable visual changes in a word processor to aid dyslexics
Peter Gregor, Peter Andreasen and Alan F. Newell

Design Issues for Interactive Drama
Peter Jagodzinski, Dan Livingstone, Mike Phillips, Tom Rogers and Simon Turley.

Support for Meeting People on the Internet
Jun Kakuta, Kazuki Matsui and Hiroyasu Sugano

Usability Requirements for Virtual Environments
Kulwinder Kaur, Alistair Sutcliffe and Neil Maiden

Context and Frequency of Use in ATMs: Change over a Decade
Patrick J. O'Donnell, G.E.W. Scobie and Margaret Martin

SiteSeer: An Interactive Treeviewer for Visualizing Web Activity
Eric Sigman, Robert Farrell and Mark Rosenstein

Cognitively Engineering Coordination in Emergency Management
Adam Stork, Tony Lambie and John Long

System Support for Rapid Prototyping of Collaborative Internet Information Systems
Michael Swaby, Peter Dew, David Morris and Gyuri Lajos

Towards continuous usability evaluation of web documents
Yin Leng Theng, Gil Marsden and Harold Thimbleby

Nonspeech Audio in Television User Interfaces
Richard van de Sluis, Berry Eggen and Jouke Rypkema

Experiments in How Automated Systems Should Talk to Users
David Williams, Christine Cheepen and Nigel Gilbert

Organisational Overviews Chaired by Nick Rousseau

Concepts of Interaction and the Nature of Design: HCI Research at Napier University, Edinburgh
David Benyon

The Department of Applied Computing at the University of Dundee
Ramanee Peiris, Peter Gregor and Alan F. Newell

EDS Human Factors Group
Michael Burnett

Introducing the Benefits Agency and Employment Service's Model Office-testing the end to end processes
Angela Maguire and Keith Wheeldon

Lucent Technologies OMC-2000
Rod Moyse and Annette Tassone

Industry Day Chaired by Tony Rose and Peter Windsor

Utilities face a challenge. Usability can help
Rosalind Barden

Designing for cultural diversity
Girish V. Prabhu and Dan Harel

Usability Process Challenges in a Web Product Cycle
Gayna Williams

The User Interface of Britain's New En-Route Centre for Air Traffic Control
Jim Cozens

Refining the NERC User Interface
Roger Attfield

Demonstrations & Videos Chaired by Andrew Stratton, Atif Waraich & Chuck Elliot

Designing a User Interface for Digital Dissection
Dunja Hövik, Gunnar Berg and Christoffer Schander

The Motivational User Interface
Linda Hole, Simon Crowle and Nicola Millard

Demonstration of the Development and Use of User Interaction in Computer Games
Tim Heaton,

A Software Tool For Evaluating Navigation
Rod McCall and David Benyon

Employment Service: Transforming Customer Services through IT
Nick Rousseau, Janet Hinchliff and Bronwyn Robinson

AkuVis: Exploring Visual Noise
Katy Bvrner and Ipke Wachsmuth

Doctoral Consortium Chaired by Steve Brewster

Learning pathways and strategies of novice adult learners: a user-perspective approach
Joan Aarvold and Bob Heyman

A summary of HCI Engineering Design Principles
Stephen Cummaford

Cross-Cultural Differences in Understanding Human-Computer Interfaces
Vanessa Evers

Towards a Formal Representation of Multi-Modal Systems for Usability Assessment
Joanne Hyde

Information Gathering and the Workplace Soundscape
Catriona Macaulay

URL, Summary, and Percentage. Click here for the next 16,433 matches: Why a URL, Summary and Percentage representation is not enough.
Thomas Tan

Criteria of Credibility for Collaborative Virtual Environments
Jolanda G. Tromp

User Interface Design & Evaluation for a Content-Based Image Retrieval System.
Colin C. Venters

Posters Chaired by Julie Wilkinson

QUASS - a tool for measuring the subjective quality of real-time multimedia audio and video 94
Anna Bouch, Anna Watson and M. Angela Sasse

Extending Support for User Interface Design in Object-Oriented Software Engineering Methods 96
Elizabeth Kemp and Chris Phillips

On the relationship between mouse operating force and display design 98
Kentaro Kotani, Ken Horii and Yutaka Kitamura

Usability Principles Specific to Interactive Authoring Support Environments
Paula Kotzé

Choosing and using names for information retrieval
Janet A. Pitman and Stephen J. Payne,

Designing for cultural diversity
Girish V. Prabhu and Dan Harel

Translating the World Wide Web interface into speech
C. Reeves, M. Zajicek, C. Powell and J. Griffiths

Beyond the Interface: Modelling the Interaction in a Visual Development Environment
Chris Scogings and Chris Phillips

Designing Educational Interfaces from a Constructivist Perspective
David Squires and Anne McDougall

Strategies for Developing Substantive Engineering Principles
Adam Stork and John Long

From Agents to a Networked Display Manager
Mark Treglown

Collaborative Virtual Environments: the COVEN Project
Jolanda G. Tromp and Anthony Steed

Touch screen VS Mouse: an experimental comparison using Fitts' law and mental workload.
Josine van de Ven

Formative evaluation of a focus+context visualization technique
Bjork S and Holmquist LE

Socialspaces: an environment for dynamic participation in informal real-time group activities
Boyer D and Wilbur S

Designing intrinsically motivating interaction
Garcia-Tobin D

Research platform to usable software - or writing the interface
Hughes J, Clark A and Sasse A

Economic and social influences on interaction with the web
Johnson C