Interact '99

In 1999 we hosted Interact '99 in Edinburgh on behalf of the International Federation for Information Processing.

The Digital Media Network are selling copies of INTERACT'99 Volume 2 on behalf of the British HCI Group. Volume 2 is available to anyone. In addition, we have some surplus copies of Volume 1, which we can only sell to fully paid up British HCI Group members. Lastly, we have 30 or so surplus copies of HCI'98, which we will give away free as long as stocks last when you order Volume 1 and 2 together.

Details of the HCI'98 proceedings

Volume 1 contains all the full length refereed papers for INTERACT'99, three keynote speakers' papers and Doctoral Consortium Summaries. Its 732 pages provide an overview of leading-edge developments in the field of human-computer interaction. It includes contributions from many of the key areas that are influencing our use of computers.

Highlights include sections on speech technology, on interaction with mobile and hand-held computers, on e-business, on web-based systems, on virtual reality and haptic interfaces. Furthermore the book includes chapters on E-Business, data mining and databases, mobile systems, speech, viewing the web, next generation office systems, novel interaction, accessibility, interruptions and coordination, design patterns, healthcare informatics, haptics, design techniques, remote interaction and evaluation, search, programming environments, 3D and virtual environments, social psychology and contextual design, learning, evaluation tools and communities and language.

Volume 2 contains poster, video, interactive experience, tutorial, panel and workshop summaries, plus professional practice and experience papers and laboratory overviews. At 236 pages softback, it is less likely to give your postperson a hernia!

Prices, inclusive of postage, packing and handling are:

  • Volumes 1 and 2 together: 75, HCI members only
    plus FREE COPY OF HCI'98 included while stocks last
  • Volume 1: 52.50, HCI members only
  • Volume 2: 27.50

Please quote your B-HCI-G membership number when ordering Volume 1. Please address orders to:

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