HCI 2000 Usability or else!

St Peter's Campus, University of Sunderland, North East of England

For a director of a mass-market business software company "Usability spells Success or failure more clearly than any other feature".

After two decades of pleas for good HCI practice, adoption of HCI values is commonplace. That's just as well, since electronic commerce is now HCI's very own 'killer-application'. HCI guru Jakob Nielsen predicts that poor commercial web sites will kill 80% of Fortune 500 companies within a decade.

As we step into a new millennium, it really looks like 'Usability or else!' for the business world. Major global computing companies such as IBM identify ease of use as "the next e-business battlefield" where "poor product usability becomes a serious liability." An unhappy customer is someone else's customer, so it has to be right first time. In e-business, a system's commissioners and developers, not its end-users, pay for bad design.

Human Computer Interaction

HCI 2000 will cover all main areas of HCI research and practice, but will focus on usability engineering for e-business. While HCI approaches have penetrated many application areas, bringing clear benefits over the last decade, electronic business will nail down usability as an essential design goal.

The HCI community will be expected to respond with ever-improved methods, techniques and design approaches that ensure that usability is taken seriously from conception through design and development to installation and operation. Submissions on all areas of HCI are invited, but we strongly encourage those addressing usability issues for the internet and new media, especially from practitioners. Usability is important for all web-based services, be they public or private.

Contributions which advance the theory or practice of any aspect of HCI are welcomed, particularly those of an interdisciplinary nature.

Whoever develops for the invisible public, it's usability or else!

The British HCI Conference Series

HCI 2000 is the 14th Annual Conference of the British HCI Group, a specialist group of the British Computer Society. Established in 1985, the conference has become the premier annual conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Europe.

HCI 2000 will be held from September 5-8 2000 at the University of Sunderland's award winning St. Peter's Campus.

Attracting hundreds of researchers and practitioners from over twenty countries, its published proceedings form an important part of the archive of HCI research. The HCI conference addresses the needs of practitioners and researchers through a balance of conference activities.

A day of tutorials and the doctoral consortium precede the main conference and exhibition. Industry Day begins the conference with a strong practitioner focus via keynote speakers, panels, organisational overviews and industrial presentations.

An enjoyable social programme allows extensive interaction with colleagues. The remainder of the conference combines paper presentations, posters, demonstrations and further keynote speakers that cover a range of topical issues in HCI. Each annual conference has a theme, but submissions on any HCI topic are welcome.

Please contact the conference office if you have any queries about the suitability of an intended submission.