IHM-HCI 2001

AFIHM and the British HCI Group are combining their annual conferences in 2001, bringing together the best features of each organisation's separate conference series and providing a special opportunity for the French- and English-speaking HCI communities to interact.

Human-Computer Interaction is a discipline well-suited to such a multi-linguistic and multi-cultural conference, since it brings together researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines with very different ways of thinking and working. As a community we are already used to tackling the challenges of working across such boundaries, dealing with the problems and taking advantage of the richness of the resulting insights. We invite you to join us in this novel enterprise.

Those familiar with either organisation's previous conferences will not be disappointed, in terms of the experience and the quality of the work reported. The combination provides added value. To achieve universal usability, we must take every opportunity to cross cultural and linguistic boundaries: interaction without frontiers

IHM-HCI'2001 will cover all main areas of HCI research but will focus on considering the challenges of new applications addressing these themes:

  • enriching HCI by crossing national, linguistic and cultural boundaries
  • achieving greater co-operation between disciplines to deliver usable, useful and exciting design solutions
  • benefiting from experience gained in other application areas
  • transcending interaction constraints through the use of novel technologies
  • supporting mobile users

The British HCI Conference Series

IHM-HCI'2001 is the 15th Annual Conference of the British HCI Group, a specialist group of the British Computer Society. Established in 1985, the conference has become the premier annual conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Europe. Attracting hundreds of researchers and practitioners from over twenty countries, its published proceedings form an important part of the archive of HCI research. The HCI conference has always addressed the needs of practitioners and researchers through a balance of conference activities. Each annual conference has a theme, but submissions on any HCI topic are always welcome.

The IHM Conference Series

AFIHM stands for Association Francophone d'Interaction Homme-Machine, an independent association for any French-speaking person who is interested in Human-Computer Interaction. IHM-HC'2001 is the 13th Annual Conference of this association (IHM conference). The IHM conferences have been published in proceedings that serve both for the researcher and practitioner, and constitute a valuable source of information, in French, for the teaching of HCI. Association Francophone d'IHM http:// www.afihm.org/.