Engineering Council Registration - Incorporated Engineer (IEng)

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Incorporated Engineers maintain and manage applications of current and developing technology, and may undertake engineering design, development, manufacture, construction and operation.

IEng registrants are also variously engaged in technical and commercial management and possess effective interpersonal skills.

IEng registration shows your employer and peers that you have demonstrated a commitment to professional standards, and to developing and enhancing your competence.

The benefits of Professional registration as an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) include:

  • With the letters IEng after your name you have recognition of your proven competence, commitment, skills and experience.
  • Improved career prospects
  • Greater influence within your organisation and industry
  • Access to life-long learning.
  • Being part of a network of professional engineers.

Member case study - IEng (PDF)

Engineering Council Registration

The criteria for registration are set out clearly in policy document UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK Spec) by the Engineering Council. With certain limited exceptions, applicants must have an academic qualification which has been accredited for IEng by one of the Engineering Institutions. The qualifications now include approximately 500 computing-related degree courses which are currently accredited by BCS.

Licensed by the Engineering Council, BCS provides an established route to achieving Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status. If you're a current BCS member at Professional Member (MBCS) grade or above, hold a qualification accredited for IEng and you meet the Engineering Council's criteria, BCS can help you on the path to achieving your IEng status.

International Engineering Technologists

Members registered as Incorporated Engineers may also apply for International Engineering Technologists (IntET).


'Becoming IEng helped me to achieve my longstanding ambition of becoming a mentor... One of the many benefits of my professional registration has been the recognition I’ve received from my colleagues and management'. Incorporated Engineer, Paul Cozens