The committee for the Agile Methods SG can be found below.

Jose Casal-Gimenez

Mohinder Khosla (SPA Liaison)

Amaad Qureshi

Committee Members

Michael Bateman
Craig Cockburn
Soheir Ghallab
Nikos Papadellis
David Crowe
Sathpal Singh
Andrew Bull 
Vlad Milhailescu

Keep in Touch with us

Listed below are ways to keep in touch with what's happening with the group.

  • If you are a BCS Member you can register your interest to join the Group once it has been inaugurated by selecting 'Agile Methods' from this list (BCS Member login required)
  • If you are a non-BCS Member, join today to gain access to the group.
  • You can email the group at
  • Follow the group on twitter - @BCS_Agile
  • Join our linkedin group

Past Committee Members