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As society, organisations and individuals become increasingly dependent on data and information, managing data effectively can become more complex and challenging.

The Data Management Specialist Group (DMSG) helps Data Management professionals support organisations to achieve their objectives through improved awareness, management and responsible exploitation of data.

Key focus areas include:

  • Promotion and evangelising about the benefits of good data management, wherever the data is stored and increasing awareness of data management as a professional discipline;
  • The specification, acquisition, storage and management of the quality of data for the benefit of the organisation, i.e. the management of data as an organisational asset;
  • Data of all types including structured, semi and unstructured data, digital media and spatial data
  • Data to support different objectives, such as commercial, financial, scientific, engineering, measurement, operational etc.;
  • Identifying and sharing skills, techniques and methods for the efficient and effective exploitation of data in support of organisational goals;
  • Career paths, education and organisational approaches for managing data up to CIO/CTO/CDO level, or similar, whether as employees, contractors or consultants;
  • Promoting data governance as an established ‘Business As Usual’ activity;
  • Compliance with legislation, particularly that relating to data protection and data security and ethical usage of data;
  • Promoting positive attitudes towards data and raising awareness of the risks associated with not managing data effectively.

Our intended audience is anyone with an interest in good data management and the benefits to be gained from data. This includes: Chief Data Officers (CDO); Senior Information Risk Officer (SIRO); data managers/stewards; data governance officers; data protection/security advisors; data scientists; business/data/database analysts; and those involved in the gathering, processing and storing of data.

We will achieve these objectives by running a range of events and meetings, sometimes in partnership with other BCS Member Groups and selected external organisations. Due to the wide geographic spread of our Members, we will continue to publish event videos and presentations on-line and will explore remote event opportunities. We will also participate in related events both across and external to the BCS, in order to share DMSG knowledge and promote its objectives and values to society.

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