About us

The objectives of the Group are:

  • To promote best practice in, and the use of, Enterprise and IT Architectures where it is of relevance to computing professionals, business professionals, academics, and other groups.
  • To contribute to the development of Enterprise Architecture methods and practises
  • To provide a forum for Enterprise Architects and IT Architects to interact and exchange views and to facilitate the sharing of skills, techniques, tools and methods by positively encouraging members to participate in the activities of the Group
  • To improve the competence and quality of individuals engaged in IT Architecture
  • To provide a point of interaction between BCS and external bodies concerning matters of IT Architecture
  • To encourage membership of BCS.

To achieve this the group will:

  • Raise awareness and knowledge of the issues and opportunities related to IT Architecture, through facilitating blogs, web discussions, articles and events
  • Attract new professionals in the IT Architecture field to membership of BCS
  • Build credibility as a body of expertise that can act as a source of information in the field of IT Architecture, for instance through the provision of road maps, policies and guidance
  • Provide a forum across BCS and wider on IT Architecture
  • Support a knowledge community for IT Architecture
  • Develop a programme of events, standalone and with other Specialist Groups
  • From time-to-time publish materials of relevance to IT Architecture (e.g. white papers and / or books)