The PROMS-G Award

The PROMS-G Award was instituted in 2001 and the award goes to the candidate with the highest marks in the Project Management paper in the BCS Examination each year. The award is worth £500 to the recipient, who also receives an engraved glass award.

The 2018 PROMS-G Award winner was Ms Vaishali Poojani Senanayake.

Previous Winners

The 2017 PROMS-G Award winner was Ms Vaishali Poojani Senanayake.

The 2016 PROMS-G Award winner was Jonathan Quarshie.

The 2015 PROMS-G Award winner was Miyuru Amantha Gunarathna

Ms KG Senevirathne WickramarachchiThe 2014 PROMS-G Award winner was Ms KG Senevirathne Wickramarachchi.

Upon receiving her award, she commented 'BCS is one of the most recognized professional examinations when it comes to IT. Winning the PROM-G award is one of the greatest things that I have achieved in my academic career. I recommend BCS as a strong pillar for students who are willing to achieve their future goals through IT. I thank my parents who have always stood by me and my lecture panel for helping me to achieve this prestigious award.'

Miss Dushani Saumya DunukaraThe 2013 PROMS-G Award winner was Dushani Dunukara.

On receiving the award, Dushani said 'I utilized my after A/L spare time effectively by starting BCS.

Now I am a state university student majoring in physics almost completed my first degree from BCS with world recognition and I consider winning one of the most prestigious awards from BCS, as a mile stone in my academic career. Also I highly recommend BCS for those who wish to acquire professional IT knowledge and experience.'

Ms.Tiloka De Silva of Sri Lanka just after the graduation ceremonyIn 2008, the winner was Ms.Tiloka De Silva of Sri Lanka. She was presented with the prize at the BCS 2007/2008 convocation held in Sri Lanka on 11th November 2008. On receiving the award Tiloka said, 'I chose to do the BCS Professional Examinations as it is a highly recognised qualification, equivalent to an Honours Degree in IT. I picked IT Project Management at the Diploma level, as I felt that it was relevant, not only to the IT industry, but at a broader level as well. Given the fact that the project approach is used in most industries today, I felt that this subject would be both practical and useful for me in the future.'. Tiloka also won four further awards as the 2008 top Diploma Examinations and Professional Graduate Diploma Examinations candidate world wide and in Sri Lanka.

Shanika Jayawardana of Sri Lanka just after the graduation ceremony with her lecturer Mr. Viraj Pinto Jayawardena at Matrix Institute of Information TechnologyIn 2007, the winner was Ms. Shanika Jayawardana of Sri Lanka. She was presented with the prize at the BCS 2006/2007 convocation held in Sri Lanka on 18th November 2007. Shanika said after receiving her award. 'I chose to do BCS as an alternative qualification to enhance my knowledge in IT. Apart from the academic knowledge BCS enables one to gain hands on practical exposure in IT. Knowledge and skills I have gained from subjects such as project management has enabled me to perform my daily operations at Unilever where I work as an assistant brand manager. Therefore it's my belief that regardless of your chosen profession BCS moulds you to become a mature professional in today's demanding business environment.'

Mr Sameera Kodagoda receiving his award at the Sri Lanka Graduation Ceremony 2006In 2006, the winner was Mr Sameera Kodagoda of Sri Lanka. He was presented with the prize at the BCS 2005/2006 convocation held in Sri Lanka on 11th November 2006. Sameera, who recently graduated from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, said after receiving his award "I started working towards BCS professional examination while pursuing my bachelor's degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. By careful choice, I ensured that the BCS modules minimally overlapped with my college class contents, so that it would offer complementary knowledge and be a valuable supplement to my undergraduate degree. The comprehensive resource archive on the BCS web-site assisted my self-learning of these additional non-overlapping subjects. I am glad that I devoted time and effort in obtaining the BCS professional examination qualification and I believe it will be useful in moulding my prospective academic and professional career."

D.M.Rasanjalee Himali presented with her award in Sri Lanka by Pete Bingham BCS director of corporate and international salesIn 2004, the award was shared by Ms D M Rasanjalee Himali from Sri Lanka and Dheeraj Ramkhelawon from Mauritius. D.M.Rasanjalee Himali is from Sri Lanka, and is currently a final year undergraduate student of the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, reading for a special degree in computer science. Computer science has always been her favourite subject and she completed ACS (Australian Computer Society) exams before directing her attention towards BCS - which is highly respected in Sri Lanka as well as all over the world. She has currently completed the Certificate and Diploma levels of BCS and is now preparing for the Professional Graduate Diploma. When qualified her ambition is to become a well reputed software manager in the future.

Dheeraj Ramkhelawon presented with award by Vice President of the Republic of Mauritius, H.E Mr. Raouf BundhunDheeraj Ramkhelawon is from Mauritius, and is a Senior Technician at Mauritius Telecom. He is currently posted at the SAFE (South Africa Far East) Undersea Cable Station, one of the endpoints of the high capacity fibre optic cable network spanning from southern Africa to south Asia, participating in the installation, testing and commissioning of terminal equipment which has provided him insight into project management techniques in practical use. Previously he worked at the Network Management Centre of the company, ensuring the high availability of the international routes. His experience is mostly based on the different transmission technologies that make up the backbone of the Telecommunication network, namely: copper cable, satellites, microwave and fibre optic cable, for providing both local and international services. He believes that Project Management provides the necessary tools and techniques to tackle any job with more professionalism.

The PROMS-G Award for 2003 was won by Bohdana Wong, a senior developer at Eqos, a software company focusing on B2B e-Collaboration. Her main duties over the past 5 years at Eqos have included designing and developing various features of Eqos Collaborator: a unique, Web-based platform that enables organizations to rapidly create highly functional collaborative solutions without requiring programming skills. Her main focus has been on the data integration aspects of the product. Prior to joining Eqos, she worked as a lead developer for The Internet Applications Group, developing bespoke web applications for various clients (e.g.: BP, Manpower). She obtained the BCS Professional Graduate Diploma in 2003. She is a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (obtained in 2002) and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (obtained in 2000).

Bohdana's main motivation for sitting the BCS exams was because she wanted to expand her existing general knowledge of IT. She believes that, in addition to being technically competent, a good software engineer should acquire a sound understanding of business and management issues relevant to IT projects. Studying for the BCS exams has helped her understand these issues and made her a better IT professional overall.

Jeremy FishThe PROMS-G Award for 2002 was won by Jeremy Fish, the IT Director at Misys IFA Services, who are Europe's largest financial services network. Previously Jeremy ran the IT operation at Misys International Banking Systems where he implemented several large projects including the UK's largest Professional Services Automation System (PSA) and a CRM system. Prior to Misys Jeremy worked for Avery Berkel, the manufacturers of electronic weighing equipment, where he was a key player in the implementation of several major projects including an ERP system.

Simon Lindley and Mike WrightThe inaugural award of the PROMS-G Award in 2001 was to Simon Lindley, who received his award at the 2002 PROMS-G / ProgM Conference "Business Change IS Programme Management" from Bob Assirati. Simon is pictured with PROMS-G former Chairman Mike Wright.