Big Chip Awards

Well connected - Informatics professionals for better wellbeing

BCS are delighted to be the Awards partner for the Big Chip Awards.

The Big Chip Awards brings together innovation and the digital community in a way that fits well with the role of the BCS Manchester Branch as it supports professionalism in the digital world, from a local perspective.

With the issues of health and social care in the news on a daily basis, we believe that every one of us has a role to play to build better health and care. We believe that this can be achieved by bringing together and inspiring all professionals who can harness information and technology, and who have the integrity to put people and their communities first.

That’s why we recently launched Well Connected - a campaign designed to unlock the potential of everyone involved in making health and care the best it can be.

Informatics professionals for better wellbeing

Society needs better health and care. That’s only going to happen by the professionals who can harness information and technology, and have the integrity to put people and their communities first, coming together and inspiring each other to deliver citizen impact.

The Well connected campaign is brought to you by the Fed-IP professional bodies; BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, the Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals, the Institute of Health Records and Information Management, and Socitm.

At the heart of Well connected are values and integrity. Your values and integrity. Together, we’re bringing together people with shared values, and empowering you to take ownership as a community of professionals.

What you need to do:

Put simply: get involved. If you share our belief there are two ways to get involved:

For Informatics professionals

For non Informatics professionals who want to be involved

This campaign is about you and others like you. Who have the passion to make a difference, and the integrity to go about it in a collaborative way.

What is Fed-IP

Fed-IP is the professional bodies in health and care informatics working together, to pull communities together, support one another, and build shared standards. Ultimately its aim is to support health and care through the best use of information and technology

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