Working with the media

For parents, guardians, teachers and students

From time to time we get approached by the media - journalists from TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, who wish to visit a school and film footage of various classroom activities and/or speak to children / teachers with a view to using this material as part of their news programme or article.

Filming at Townley Grammar SchoolDavid Evans at Townley Grammar School

If you are approached by BCS for this purpose we will ask you, or the parents of the young people participating, to complete this consent form (MS-Word).

We appreciate you taking part in this activity - and are well aware of the huge amount of time and effort it takes to organise this. When everything goes as planned the results can be fantastic in terms of raising awareness of a particular issue (e.g. online safety for young people, careers in technology etc.). It can also provide a great opportunity for the young people themselves to have exposure to the media.

However, we would stress that there are never any guarantees as breaking news happens all the time and it can happen that the broadcasters change their mind at short notice, and don’t go-ahead with the visit, that the footage / interviews that get recorded don’t get broadcast, or that the live broadcast technology just fails to work! We have had all of these experiences recently, and all are beyond our control, so please bear that in mind when talking to anyone that you are hoping to involve.