My career as a Business Analyst started because I loved solving problems. I worked in a team that fixed customer data problems and I was curious about root causes

Were there patterns and common themes behind the issues? This curiosity led to my first Business Analyst role where I carried out detective work with my stakeholders and devised rules to fix problems on a large scale.

Soon I was looking at the problem of merging two banks together - how could that be achieved without impacting customer service? The benefits of great solutions were evident; a solution we devised for providing electronic statements saved 500 trees worth of paper in just six months and earned us a technology award. I now lead a team of BAs but I’m still faced with problem solving challenges - how do we manage the cost, pace and quality of analysis resources across 60 projects?

Through my career I’ve learned a host of tools and techniques for solving problems and exploring opportunities, acquired industry qualifications and progressed into IT leadership. The BA career has also developed over this time. No longer is it a stepping stone into other IT roles, but it has grown as a peer service with its own career path.

There has never been a better time to think about a career as a BA and apply your own problem solving skills.

About the author

Brian Simpson is a Senior Lead Business Analyst at Lloyds Banking Group and has worked as a BA for 16 years. Brian holds a BCS Diploma in Business Analysis and Certificate in IS Consultancy. Recently he has led the BA teams responsible for the bank’s IT Resilience programme and ‘Project Verde’ which re-launched the TSB on the high street.