Events Sep 2002 - Nov 2007

A summary of past events from September 2002 to November 2007.

2007 events

November 2007: Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)

November 2007: IT in 2057 (Part 1 of 2)

September 2007: A special reception and evening of talks, music and social networking promoting women in software engineering, London

September 2007: ECS Apprentices find out more about careers in ICT

23rd May 2007: BCS Career builder: Hampshire

1st May 2007: Early Stage Career Development Event, London

8th March 2007 (International Womens Day): Women in programme Management : IBM South Bank

8th March 2007 (International Womens Day): Judy Goodlet, Hampshire

22nd February 2007: Chat with Dr Sue Black; University of Lincoln

18th January 2007: Managing the IT Supplier/ Government (Joint meeting with BCSWomen), Rebecca George, London

2006 events

20th December 2006, Games for Girls, Hampshire

23rd November 2006: Project management and process improvement

9th November 2006: Joint FACS/BCSWomen event: London

4th-7th October 2006: Grace Hopper's Celebration of Women in Computing: 'Making Waves', San Diego, California. View the report (PDF)

22nd June 2006: Plan-IT Conference at IBM Hursley

May 22nd 2006: Career Development workshop at www6, Sponsored by Google: Edinburgh

8th March 2006: International Womens day: Hampshire

9th February 2006: London Hopper and BCSWomen Anniversary Party: London

19th January 2006: IT Law update, Vice President (Forums of BCS), London. 

2005 events

8th December 2005: Games for Girls: Hampshire

8th November 2005; IT Law update: Hampshire

14th to 16th July 2005: Women in computing conference, the gender politics of ICT, London

2nd June 2005: Semantic Web; Hampshire AGM

22nd May: An introduction to Genealogy through websites and archive resources; Hampshire

22nd May 2005; Tips for internet browsing and sending emails; Hampshire

28th April 2005: Professionalism in a changing health environment; Hampshire

1st February 2005: Symposium on Gender and ICT: Working for change: Manchester

27th January 2005; Engineering for the user; Hampshire

2004 events

9th December 2004; SAP ERP Implementation at NATS – A case study; Hampshire

22nd November 2004: BCSWomen 3rd Anniversary Party:  London

2003 events

1st December 2003: BCSWomen 2nd Anniversary Party: London

16th July 2003: Women and Age – is IT a Big Issue? : PricewaterhouseCoopers London.

7-9th July 2003: Presentation of BCSWomen paper: ‘Internationalisation of computer science curriculua leading to increased uptake by female students’: Marseille (France).

18th June 2003: Epublishing: IBM * BCSWomen joint event: IBM South Bank

25th March 2003; Managing iterative and incremental development: Hampshire

2002 events

26th November 2002: BCSWomen first birthday party bash: London

5th September 2002: Sue Black gave a talk on being a woman in IT and BCSWomen: IBM South Bank