BCS Nominees

Each year BCS nominates one person for the Karen Burt Award, and this nominee is put forward along with nominees from other engineering institutions.

Year BCS Nominee
2013 Dr Joanna Isabelle Olszewska
2012 Dr Clare Hooper
2011 No nomination
2010 Margaret Ajibode
2009 Philippa Gardner
2008 Abigail Sellen
2007 No nomination
2006 Nomination not progressed
2005 Mrs Clare Jefferies
2004 Mrs Amanda Chessell
2003 Dr Maria Papastathi
2002 Linda Lanyon
2001 Dr Beth Hutchison
2000 Dr Vivian Ambrosiadou
1999 Ms Sandra Bastow

In 2001 Dr Beth Hutchison, the BCS nominee, was the outright winner of the Karen Burt Award.

BCS nominees are presented with a certificate at a BCS annual lecture.

Winners of the Karen Burt Award receive a cheque for £400, and membership of the Women's Engineering Society. This is presented to them at the IET/WES Daphne Jackson Memorial lecture.