The Cool Stuff Collective returns for Series 3

The Cool Stuff Collective has returned for series 3. It is a gadget and games show aimed at 7-12 year olds on ITV.

The first show in this series aired on Saturday 15th October. It is on ITV1 at 8:00am Saturday mornings and 7:25am Sunday mornings and also repeated on CITV Sat 4:30pm and Sun 11:30am.

This series is being filmed in schools with a live audience of 7-12 year olds. Two new presenters Vicky Letch and The Blowfish introduce the latest gadgets and games to the audience who give open an honest comments on what is cool and what is not. Super Geek Ian Hughes (BCS Animation and Games Development SG Chairman) then joins them to talk about future technology. Show 1 was about the NFC chips used in the game Skylanders. Show 2 airing Sat 22nd October focusses on the Arduino opensource physical computing platform with a willing volunteer from the audience building an programming a microcontroller. Other shows feature open source 3d printing with Rep Rap and hydrogen fuel cell cars. The aim of the future tech slot is to inspire people to look at technology that is already here and accessible and get involved in using it, and to consider the cool gadgets of the future that they could invent.

The official ITV website is but you can also read more about the behind the scenes at or come along to a BCS Animation and Games SG talk.

The show is created by Archie productions who also produced the recent BBC2 documentary about the Spitfire 'Britain's Flying Past'.