Past Events

Past events from the Sociotechnical Group.

Annual Symposium Rebooting the Role of Sociotechnical Perspectives in a hyper-connected, digitised society
Date: 27th October 2017
Venue: BCS London

BCS Sociotechnical Group lecture - Service design commercial success
Date: 9th May 2013
Venue: BCS London

Broadening horizons: Current applications of sociotechnical perspectives and future directions
Date: 20th November 2012
Venue: BCS London

The Change Equation (PDF)
Date: 25th November 2009
Venue: Westminster Business School, London

Twitter for Business (PDF)
Date: 23rd September 2009
Venue: BCS, London

New insights into the factors influencing the adoption of IT systems in organisations
Date: 3rd July 2009
Venue: BCS, London

ICMCC Event 2008
Patient Empowerment - The Power of Information
Date: 9-11 June 2008
Venue: University of Westminster, Marylebone Campus, London

The National Programme for Information Technology in the NHS - Lessons Learned?
Date: 7th February 2008
Venue: BCS, London