Comprehensive on-line support programme including:

  • Self-awareness testing
  • Numerical and logical reasoning aptitude tests
  • How to effectively research a company on-line
  • How to identify suitable roles that meet personal objectives
  • How to prepare for an interview using the STAR technique, including interview video samples
  • How to write a professional CV
  • How to write a research CV
  • How to write a covering letter
  • Social media and how to present yourself effectively
  • Presentation skills, including a self-recorded presentation

Dedicated degree-specific support from placements team:

  • Document checking (e.g. CV, and applications)
  • Mock interview provision
  • Timetabled development sessions
  • Advice on suitable companies that match individual objectives
  • Identification, advertisement, and promotion of degree-specific placement opportunities that meet learning objectives of programme
  • On-site visit during placement

Timetabled activity-based development programme:

Year 1:

  • Introduction to placements Degree-specific examples provided
  • Personality profiles - personality profiles, colour personalities
  • Effective teamwork skills - listening skills, team roles, teamwork model, open & closed questions, hierarchy of needs
  • Identifying your strengths and technical competencies - Skills & strengths definitions and identifying them, employability skills, colour personalities, strength-based recruitment, technical interviews
  • CV writing & workshop - marketing, credentials, story, CV styling and content, CV examples
  • Commercial awareness - definitions, importance, application and interview questions, assessment centres, SWOT & PEST analysis, mission statements & values
  • Reflective writing - definition, importance, how to develop reflective writing and thinking, structure, examples

Application year:

  • Covering letters and networking - purpose, structure, practice, template
  • Assessment centres - what is an assessment centre, what is being assessed, top tips, individual presentations, Group work, practical, discussions, case studies
  • Not secured a placement yet? Don't panic! - application journey - plan vs reality, stats & facts, opportunities, support, mentor-led group sessions
  • Pre-departure sessions - first day, personal development, placement learning curve, team meetings, e-learning course activities - handbook, POLO's, placement visit, professional behaviours, staying safe, resilience, making the most of the placement experience, placement checklist, support

Placement year:

  • Webinar - completing your POLO (personal objectives and learning outcomes) form - objective setting and career management
  • Webinar - writing your placement report - reflective writing
  • Placement poster event - all returning placement students give a poster presentation to both academic staff and students that are considering a placement
    Placement visit - reflective discussion on placement objectives and learning so far. Progress and performance discussion with supervisor / manager. Objective setting for placement
  • POLO feedback from placements team
  • GOLF (Goal, objectives and learning form) report on progression and performance completed by employer
  • Technical placement report - including POLO forms for reflection on learning and skills development. Academically assessed


  • Placement poster event - all returning placement students give a poster presentation to both academic staff and students that are considering a placement
  • STEM careers and placements fair
  • Employer TED talks - day in the life of…
  • Placements networking event