BCSWomen festive event.


This December we are doing something a little different, in a joint event with BCSWomen Scotland, BCS Edinburgh branch will be discussing and reflecting on how we could be even better, so we would like to invite you for festive drinks on Wednesday 7th December to help shape our future so that it is relevant to you.

The countdown to the festive season has begun, so to celebrate we will put on our usual fare, with the addition of wine to celebrate a great year of free BCS events. In this joint event we will be talking about the top technical and professional skills employers are looking for and what teams of future may look like as well as gathering views and feedback on some current topics and capturing your ideas for events in the coming year.

After a brief introduction from the organisers, and from Rebecca Hastings from Spring who will talk about the future need for skills, we'll have an open format to share ideas, wants and needs, all over a glass of wine, beer, soft drink. We want to know what topics are close to your heart, who are the people you'd like to hear from, the activities and programmes you'd like us to be involved in and even that which you are fed up of hearing about!

For those who are interested in BCS Voices, we'll also have a couple of conversations to share ideas about "Making IT Good for Society" and our role in the challenges posed by Education, Capability, Personal Data and Health and Care.

BCS Voices - As part of a drive initiated by the BCS we will be looking to capture your feedback on a couple of topics to help the society position itself to positively support and guide the industry. The topic we will focus on will be Education. With not enough IT teachers etc coupled with a lack of understanding with some head teachers how can we develop a community to give young people access to development opportunities within IT?

This event is brought to you by: BCSWomen Scotland and BCS Edinburgh branch

Maximising your potential and influencing strategy
Date and time
Wednesday 7 December, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Room 4.31/33 Informatics Forum
10 Crichton Street
This event is sold out