It’s that time of year for the BCS CMSG AGM and Annual Lecture! 

‘Blockchain’ is the latest industry buzzword, and I know I’m certainly wondering what on earth it is, and will it impact my little corner of the IT World?

Well, here at the BCS CMSG we decided it was time to get some answers to that question!

Join us on the 5th December at the BCS Offices in Covent Garden London to hear Angus Maidment, a professional cryptocurrency trader and super computer programmer giving us a bit of history about how blockchains came about, and the asking ‘how smart of smart contracts?’ (as a software asset manager, that’s the bit I’m interested in!). Angus will talk us through what smart contracts are, and what we can use them for.

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BCS Configuration Management - Why the fuss about Blockchain?
Date and time
Tuesday 5 December, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
BCS London
Davidson Building
5 Southampton Street
This event is sold out