Join us for our talk with Eleanor Dewar.


Elenor Dewar


During her fieldwork in Nepal Eleanor Dewar became interested in the use of mobile phones, particularly in connection with e-learning and m-learning. With the rapidly increasing adoption of mobile phones within Nepal and other South Asian countries across all levels of society, this talk builds on her fieldwork around literacy and explores current mobile phone usages and the potentials for m- and e-learning in the South Asian context. Eleanor will expand on what is currently available and potential developments in smartphone use for both schooling and lifelong learning.

About the speaker

Eleanor Dewar has recently completed an MA in Education, Gender and International Development, with her thesis focusing on Nepali women's use of literacy. Her research focuses around the interplay of education, pedagogy, gender and technology.

With Professor James Uhomoibhi, she has been working to develop MOOCAfrica, an Africa-based, African centric MOOC platform. She is also an active member and Trustee of the disability charity BlueAssistUK.

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Do you have Facebook? The potential use of smartphones for e-learning in South Asia
Date and time
Monday 16 October, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Southampton Solent University
The Spark Building, East Park Terrace
SO14 0RD
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