Many businesses are looking to employ new technologies to maintain competitive advantage, but it

can be difficult to navigate the Artificial Intelligence landscape and understand current capabilities and opportunities. AI and automation is having a fundamental impact on the future of work with little consideration to the scale and social impact.


During this event, Dr. John Flackett (PhD in Artificial Intelligence) explores what AI is and what has driven its explosion into the mainstream technology sector in recent years. Learn how AI tools & techniques are being used across a range of businesses and how future tech effects future jobs. Dr. Flackett also busts some of the AI myths and looks at how education, business, governments and society may want to reframe their thinking around the future of jobs


Dr. John Flackett is the Technical Director/Co-Founder of koolth and is Head/Co-Founder of AiLab in Australia.  koolth are web specialists that empower people with next generation online tools, custom web development, specialist web integrations, Artificial Intelligence & Smart City solutions. AiLab assists individuals, businesses, government and community with navigating the Artificial Intelligence landscape by providing resources, workshops and events, as well as helping with policy development, ethics/privacy and future technology.


In 2006, after completing his BSc (Hons) Computer Studies (1st Class), followed by his PhD in Artificial Intelligence (machine learning & natural language processing) at Southampton Solent University, John migrated to South Australia where he co-founded koolth & AiLab to offer consultancy and cutting-edge technology solutions to a wide range of industries across the globe. An expert on emerging technologies, John has over 20 years' experience in Artificial Intelligence (his PhD), Web Technologies and Software Engineering. John is an international Artificial Intelligence speaker, and has spoken at events in the UK, Australia, Europe and the USA about these topics for many years. Before starting koolth and AiLab, John worked in a wide range of industries (including Banking, Engineering & Education) and was a senior University lecturer in the UK teaching Masters and Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Degree in Computer Studies and Software Engineering.



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BCS Hampshire - Artificial Intelligence & Future Jobs
Date and time
Tuesday 9 January, 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Southampton Solent University
The Spark Building
East Park Terrace
SO14 0RD
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