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  • Project Management SG - Introducing Business Agility at Moonpig: A Case Study

Speaker: Amanda Colpoys, Lean Coach & Consultant

Summary of the event:
From the early adoption of lean and agile working practices in product engineering through to adopting full-scale business agility, this talk will cover the story of Moonpig’s agile transformation.

It will outline the vision, the intended outcomes and the approach to adopting business agility. It will cover in detail the reorganisation of teams and the introduction of lean and agile processes.  In addition, it will detail the broader operating framework as well as the individual working processes of specific teams.

The presentation will provide insights into the obstacles and issues to be overcome to manage the challenging project through to a successful outcome, which will be of interest to other organisations facing a major transformation.

Speaker Biography:

Amanda Colpoys Picture

Amanda began her career in TV production with the BBC, later moving into technology. Having worked for a small digital agency, she joined Moonpig in 2014. Over four years at Moonpig Amanda focused initially on introducing agile and lean concepts within product and engineering, before leading an agile transformation across the wider organisation, extending a lean approach to the commercial, marketing, creative and design teams.

Amanda now works as a freelance coach and consultant supporting small and high-growth organisations to adopt business agility.


18:00 – Registration with tea, coffee and sandwich buffet (Don't forget to sign in at the ground floor security desk when you arrive.)
18:30 – Presentation followed by Q & A (90 minutes total)
20:00 - A networking opportunity with wine and soft drinks.
21:00 – Close by 21:00

About the organiser:

The BCS Project Management SG (PROMS-G) is organising this event, find out more about the group at www.bcs.org/category/18382.

For overseas delegates who wish to attend the event, please note that BCS does not issue invitation letters.



Introducing business agility at Moonpig (PDF)


Project Management SG - Introducing Business Agility at Moonpig: A Case Study
Date and time
Tuesday 19 February, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
The Davidson Building
5 Southampton Street