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Which Data Management Software? (If not SQL, then what?)

Is “SQL” dead (and if not, why not)?

Are more recent technology solutions (e.g. Hadoop, Document, Graph) commercially viable products for established industries?

What type of data management products are in the pipeline and where might we see them applied?

From being a word that would guarantee a yawn at parties, “data” features in the general news almost daily.

Two areas are currently prominent: Personal data (ab)use and distributed ledger data, aka “Blockchain” technology. This presentation will not be adding ‘fuel to the fire’ about the behaviour of Facebook. Hive etc., or the risks of digital currency. What it will do is address the questions above in the context of the fascinating progress in data storage hardware and data management software products, and the concurrent developments in network, wireless and mobile technologies.

This presentation will be of value to software and system developers from those just embarking on their IT career to established IT professionals in a more managerial capacity. It will support data management software decision making and help provide the arguments required to gain the funding for new projects.

Uno Smith, Director Capita Applications Services

About Uno Smith

Uno Smith is currently Director of Capita Application Services, with additional responsibility as a Technical Design Authority across this business. Uno’s driver is good “design”, in whatever medium presents itself. He focussed his career on Software Engineering 11 years ago and now has a wide knowledge of contemporary software tools and utilities. He researches in depth, always looking “under the covers” to check inherent quality, applicability and commercial viability, before making recommendations for use.

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Which Data Management Software? (If not SQL, then what?) - Data Management Specialist Group
Date and time
Tuesday 19 March, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
1st Floor, The Davidson Building
5 Southampton Street
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