Agile Development, when done with skill and good practices, can transform the delivery of systems, giving users what they want, much closer to when they want it.

Sadly the practices, training and resources around databases tend to cling to less effective methods, at great cost to businesses, government and the reputation of database products themselves.

With colleagues, since 2005, Ron has honed techniques for integrating database development into agile projects. The results have been several large successful projects, in banking, insurance, phone companies, railways and police.

This is a practical talk about getting the best out of database products in truly agile development projects.



Ron Ballard studied Computer Science (with some other subjects) at Manchester University, graduating in 1973.

He worked on a the development of a bibliographic database for the British Library and then spent 15 years working for database vendors, building database products, supporting them, building transactional applications and data warehouses using them, and teaching others to use them. Since 1996 he has been an independent database consultant working with big databases in large organisations.

Copies of Ron’s book – Relational Databases For Agile Developers – will be available at the talk.


18:30 Start.  Refreshments and networking from 18:00


Agile database development (PDF)


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Agile Database Development – Yes, we can! - Kent Branch
Date and time
Thursday 9 May, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
University of Kent
Room SW101
School of Computing, Cornwallis South
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