This will consider how "the cloud" is an enabler for Agile and the challenges that organisations face in adapting to the cloud. This session will help you understand the context for a journey to the cloud, the pitfalls you might face and how Cloud is integral to unlocking successful agile delivery

Speaker: Steve Thair, DevOpsGroup Co-Founder and Microsoft Regional Director


  • 18.45 - Doors open
  • 19:00 - Starts
  • 21.00 - Close


Many organisations rate "time to market" as one of their key challenges and organisational goals. The desire to be "more agile" as a business is driving the adoption of Agile as a software development methodology, DevOps to improve agility and delivery for both Dev & Ops and Cloud as part of the underlying technology platform.

But what does the journey to the cloud look like? How many ways are there to get there? Who needs to be involved? Is this just about technology or is this in fact a much larger transformation?

Steve Thair, DevOpsGroup Co-Founder and Microsoft Regional Director will take you through the cloud adoption frameworks and cloud design principles promoted by both AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as real world examples from DevOpsGroup's customer engagements with organisations both large and small.

Steve Thair’s interests include vim, Software Craftsmanship, Test Driven Development, Extreme Programming, Lean Startup, Web Technology, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, Technology, Internet Startups, Computer programming, Software Development,, Kanban, Open Source, Agile Coaching, Agile Project Management, Professional Networking, Creative Entrepreneurs, Intellectual Discussion, Entrepreneurship and Small Business

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Ensuring Successful Cloud Adoption To Enable Agility
Date and time
Tuesday 14 May, 6:45pm - 9:00pm
30 Town Quay

SO14 2AQ
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