In 2010, Mike Bugembe  joined Just Giving as Chief Analytics Officer, and was tasked with interpreting their amassed data on charitable giving to provide understandings on how and why people give, and thereby how more could be raised for good causes. On application this was so effective that in the first year the firm generated an increase of $20 Million.

In a field where the conservative project failure rate is estimated at 75%, Mike researched the successes and failures around AI. The findings were applied and with the Just Giving brief achieved, he wrote a best-selling book: “Cracking the Data Code”, explaining how it was done. He has now started his own consultancy, ‘’ to advise business leaders on how that can generate business value with AI and its family of technologies including machine learning together with change to a data-driven culture. 

You can see Mike in action at the 2019 Microsoft Summit via this link: 

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SPEAKER: Mike Bugembe


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Mike Bugembe is a bestselling author, international speaker and executive advisor helping organisations use data and AI to transform their businesses and grow.

Mike has worked with organisations across a range of industries, advising leaders on how to generate real business value with AI and its family of technologies machine learning and data. He has built award-winning teams, created data-driven cultures and developed algorithms that have generated millions of pounds in revenue.

Mike has also spearheaded some work on the interplay between data and behavioural economics, researching the part that data plays in human behaviours and choices. His work has quickly got him recognition as one of the UK's Top Digital Masters. He has won several awards and been named as one of the most influential people in data-driven business in the UK for the last few years.

Mike is the author of the bestselling book, “Cracking the Data Code”, which has been used as a blueprint on data for many businesses.


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Cracking the Data Code – How data management supports AI objectives - Data Management specialist group
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Thursday 14 November, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
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