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How to enable and protect your organisation with a dispersed workforce.

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Corona virus has impacted everyone on the planet. Essential workers, like those in our beloved NHS, have been at the centre of this upheaval. Remote working has become the norm. Organisations have purchased thousands of laptops meaning that many staff have both a laptop and PC in their unoccupied offices. In the haste to get connected, staff have been exposed to cyber vulnerabilities, also causing duplication of data and backup issues of business-critical data. Not everyone could afford new laptops, so we need to consider those that have used their personal home devices, consider GDPR, and how many organisations now have their customers personal data on their home devices.

So how do you run an organisation with a dispersed workforce during a pandemic and beyond.

This event will bring together speakers to provide a deep insight of the challenges of a dispersed workforce. Our first speaker is a Non-Exec for an NHS trust who will speak from a leadership position. The second is a leading professor, who will demonstrate how many of us working from home have an increased exposure to cyber threats and how quickly they can happen. And finally, an expert who has successfully delivered a secure remote working solution to an NHS trust during the pandemic who will share invaluable lessons learned.

Hacking Demonstration

We all receive phishing emails and often just delete them. This demonstration explains in layman’s terms what happens during one type of phishing attack. We will see the phishing attack from two perspectives, the victim’s, and the hackers. The first part of the demonstration shows what happens when a victim opens a phishing email. In the demonstration it appears all is well, and the victim has simply opened an email.

We then look at it from the hacker’s perspective and see what damage can be done when a user innocently opens an email. We will see that by doing this the hacker can steal confidential information from the victim whilst the victim is completely unaware of this happening. Finally, we talk about how we can mitigate this type of attack, without using technical terminology.

We do hope you can join us!

About the speakers

Paul RichardsPaul Richards (LinkedIn)

An experienced Non-Executive Director and Board Member chairing subcommittees and advising board members and Executives on matters of business, strategy and governance.

Paul is an independent Consultant: Businessman, Board Member and NED. He has deep domain international experience in Digital innovation & transformation for Health & Social care having led some of the world’s most successful suppliers.

Extensive experience of running multiple, successful health and social care businesses. Driving business development, product development, sales, implementation and support to ensure rapid growth.

Unrivalled experience of turnaround and growth in healthcare businesses especially in the EPR & clinical systems market working with market leaders and innovators internationally.

Currently Board Member and Non-Executive Director for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust; advising on digital health tech, commercial and trust matters, strategic planning and governance. Now working with organisations looking to establish clearer values, modernise services and achieve lasting change within commercial businesses and the public sector at national and STP/ICS levels. Member of the Devon STP Digital Transformation Board.

Dr John McCarthyDr John McCarthy PHD B.S.C (HONS) MBCS (LinkedIn)
Senior Certified Cyber Professional - Security and Information Risk Advisor

Dr McCarthy is a highly experienced consultant who has a 20-year proven track record of delivering cyber security services to assist businesses in defending themselves against the modern world of cyber and IT attacks and complying with an increasing regulatory environment.

Dr McCarthy holds a PhD in Cyber Security and e-Business Development and is an internationally recognized author and keynote speaker. John has been involved in multiple UK government committees developing UK law on cyber security and e-crime and digital infrastructure.

He is also a panel member of the American Transport Research Board that published guidance on Cyber Security best practice for Airports throughout North America.

He is an active member of the ACI EUROPE Aviation Security Committee, The British Computer Society (BSC) IT Leader’s Forum, The International Committee on Information Warfare and Security and a Member of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. John is also a Freeman of the City of London.

David OvertonDavid Overton BSc (LinkedIn)
Business Transformation Lead and Consultant

David is a highly experienced consultant who has worked in computing for over 35 years, previous employers have included Ministry of Defence via contract delivering secure solutions, IBM delivering mission critical solutions and starting the move to 64-bit Unix on Intel. His more recent career was shaped by his 13 years at Microsoft where he focused on software partnerships and managed solution delivery. His focus today is Business Transformation, enabling new working strategies to deliver success for all stakeholders and their customers.

David’s diversity means that he has delivered projects that cover most technologies in every situation, from hardware to software, mainframe to IoT. Customer delivery has ranged from the smallest of businesses and partners to some of the largest organisations in the world while roles have ranged from deeply technical to high level strategic transformation.

More recently, David is the lead consultant at Altiatech instrumental in developing their Modern Workspace solution, which includes secure remote working. During the COVID-19 emergency his main focus was enabling the staff at an NHS Trust to work remotely 24x7 securely accessing the complete diverse range of systems required by the Trust medical and administrative staff. This meant delivery had be completed remotely, under extreme circumstances, which they did successfully.

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Webinar: Overcoming the challenges of a Dispersed Workforce Apps, Data and Security
Date and time
Tuesday 11 August, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
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