This talk looks at how a pandemic might have impacted the characters and how information technology have changed their stories.


17:30 - Hampshire branch AGM followed by presentation
19:00 - Estimated end

2019 AGM minutes (PDF)


Joy will show what was being reported in the Hampshire Chronicle at the time of Jane’s birth, and how 18th century Christmas in Hampshire would have been celebrated, and how technology has assisted with this research.

About the speaker

Joy Pibworth has been a Janeite since reading the first paragraph of Pride and Prejudice in Third Year at school, a very long time ago, and a member of the Jane Austen Society member almost as long. Normally I work as a volunteer for the National Trust at The Vyne and for Reading Museum in Reading Abbey Quarter.

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Webinar: Plague and Prejudice - Hampshire branch including branch AGM
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Wednesday 16 December, 5:30pm - 7:00pm
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